What To Do If I Hate My New Hair Color

You go to the salon to get new hair color and you are excited about your new look. But after hours of work, sitting patiently, and spending hard-earned money, you realize at your freshly dyed hair that you completely hate your new look. What do you say to your hair color and highlights expert who is expectantly looking at you and waiting for a blast of great comments?

Say It Out Loud

Do not just sit quietly and say that you really like the hair just because you do not want to hurt your hairstylist’s feelings or you cannot muster up the courage to say that you hate it. You are probably going to regret this for the rest of your life, you will go home and hate looking in the mirror, cry it out and most probably buy a boxed color and dye your hair the original color again. But this way you are damaging your hair.

Believe me when I say that a hairstylist will not be satisfied till you are happy with the job she did. So, take a deep breath and say that you are not happy. Then discuss with your hairstylist what could be done; either you need more highlights, lessen the chunks, darken the color a bit or lighten it. A hairstylist is more equipped regarding how to settle up your hair color than you can ever be. They are the hair treatments pros so get their hair.

Give The 48-Hour Time Period To Adjust To Your New Look

Sometimes when you go to an extremely light color or an extremely dark hair color, you are just cautious about your new look. Your hair color is actually suiting your face and others love the new you but you are not able to adjust to the change. Give yourself 48 hours to adjust with yourself. Do not wash your hair or the fading process will start. After 48 hours if you are still unhappy, then you can go to your hairstylist to make the changes that will satisfy you.

Try A Different Hairstyle

Some hair colors look good in different hairstyles. For instance, if you have curly hair and you have got highlights in a blonde or brunette color, then try straightening or blow-drying your hair and see the change then. Sometimes hair colors are enhanced by adopting a different hairstyle, if you have blunt straight hair, then try giving them waves or curls and see how the color reflects on your look.

Wash, Wash, Wash

The color starts to fade after the first 3 washes. Hair color also oxidizes and the real color sets in your hair after a 15-day period. So, either wait for 15 days and the effect of the new hair color or wash your hair 4 to 5 times in one go and also apply hair masks and purple shampoo to cut the brassiness and the color. This way you will know if you like the actual color of your hair after multiple washing or not.

Get A Bleach Wash

If still, you are not satisfied, then go for a lightening bleach powder and mix it with a clarifying shampoo and scrub your hair with it. Let it sit for 5 minutes only and not more than that as you do not want too much bleaching effect. Add in protein mask or repairing treatment as well so that your hair doesn’t dry out and gets its nourishment.

Go To Another Hair Expert for Hair Color Correction

If you had not gone to your usual hairstylist or salon or had tried someone new for the first time then either go to your usual hairstylist to fix the coloring job or go to a new hair expert and tell them what you want in your hair and get it fixed.

Stick To The Original

If all else fails then get a hair color closer to your original hair color. You can look to the roots for guidance and flaunt your naturally dyed hair.


Beautiful hair means beautiful you. So, find a hair color correction specialist Rockville, discuss the pros and the cons first to know how will the new hair dye turn out and how it will look on your face.

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