What To Do If You Find Mold In Your Bathroom During Remodel?

Bathroom remodeling is important. After the end of a busy day or week, one tends to spend time and relax in the bathroom without any disturbance. That’s why keeping your bathroom updated and useful for your needs is critical. However, mold is commonly discovered when homeowners have their walls and floors torn up during bathroom remodeling. We will share tips about how you can handle it the right way.

Don’t Ignore It

The first tip is the most obvious but mostly ignored as well. Majority of the homeowners upon finding mold and mildew tend to cover them up by painting or going for other cosmetic makeovers but that will not be a permanent fix until you fix the problem from the root.

The problem will simply not go away until you do something. Mold has the tendency to return if it is not removed or fixed the right way. Depending on the case, it may be a complicated situation. However, if you can catch it in its initial stages, you might be able to control it.

But the problem is that homeowners tend to ignore it even when it’s at its initial stages. They think it is not a big deal and let it hang in there without realizing that it will spread in a matter of a few days. Soon, there comes a point where mold is prominent and the walls need to be brought down to fix it.

Another problem with mold is that it can be toxic and promote chronic health and respiratory problems. So, if you have children or elderly living in the house, you must be careful. That said, covering up is not the solution. Whatever the severeness of the mold in your bathroom, you should immediately consult an expert to get it fixed.

Mold can take many forms and will eventually damage your furniture or other items in the surroundings as well. Plus, it can also produce a certain type of smell. This can make the area an uncomfortable place for anyone. It can also become embarrassing if you have someone over your house when the house has this mold smell.

Analyze The Situation

You have to analyze the situation. To begin with, check the amount and color of the mold. These two factors alone tell a lot about the current mold situation and intensity. If you observe there are a few small mold spots, it means the problem is most likely new and you will be able to get rid of it by simply using bleach and water.

Make sure that you completely dry the area to make sure there aren’t any leaks nearby before you can continue with the remodeling process. On the other hand, if you find relatively larger mold spots, it means the problem has been there for a while and will take more than just bleach and water to remove it.

Such situations demand extensive diagnosis and troubleshooting. If you plan to handle it on your own, it may lead to serious consequences. That said, it would be better to seek mold remediation services. Finally, you need to check the color of the mold.

If it is in black, it means the situation is serious. Molds can take different colors but black mold is the most dangerous type. It can cause many health problems that can include sneezing, coughing, headaches, etc. And, should you intend to get rid of it on your own, you can use vinegar, borax, or hydrogen peroxide. Wear protective gear and do not let kids or pets near the area.

Wear Protective Gear & Have The Right Equipment

While dealing with mold, you should opt for clothing that is old and covers the important exposed body parts. The last thing you want is to expose yourself to mold and use your hands to drink water or eat. Next, you will need appropriate tools and equipment to handle the situation.

Masks, plastic bags, scrubbing appliances, etc. are some essentials you need to have. Keep in mind that getting rid of mold will depend on its size and color. Not all mold types can be removed using the same technique. This is why you inspect the mold to determine things like the size and color. If possible, consult an expert or hire one if the mold cannot be handled.

If you found mold during a remodel in your kitchen or bathroom, your bathroom or kitchen remodeling contractor Port Jefferson can guide you what should do, if anything at all.

Setup The Workplace

Once you have covered yourself using the protective gear, it is now time to set up the workspace to ensure everything is safe and the mold is limited to its area. Use a box fan and set it up in the window. This will help ventilate the area as you put in work.

If you think you can use a fan, you shouldn’t. It will simply collect mold spores and circulate them around the room which will make breathing even more risky. Next, use duct or any other type of tape around the window and door openings to prevent the spores from coming back in.

While working on the mold, it might be that the spores become airborne. To prevent the issue, use a garden sprayer to moisten the moldy area. This will help make scrubbing easier without the spores flying in the air.

Furthermore, you will also need to use a vacuum cleaner to suck all the mold from bathroom surfaces so that it does not spread anywhere else in the room. Make sure not to use your expensive vacuum cleaner as you will need to thoroughly clean it afterwards. If possible, opt for a backup or purchase a handy budget-friendly vacuum cleaner.

Remove And Prevent Future Mold

When it is time to remove the mold, mix half a cup of bleach, and one-quarter of water along with a little detergent in water. For your safety, make sure the detergent does not have ammonia in its ingredients. Once that is done, begin scrubbing. Then again, the intensity of the rubbing process will depend on the size and color of the mold.

Once you are done removing it, make sure to use double bags and tape them up before being thrown away. In the end, run the fans and set up dehumidifiers. Make sure you do not use the same fan you set up in the window in the beginning. Keep the fans running for at least 3 days to properly dry up the area. When everything is dry, inspect the area one more time and use a sealant to seal off the area.

Improving the bathroom ventilation must be a part of your bathroom remodel. Moreover, keep the windows and the door open after taking a hot shower. Also, repairs leaks and cracks because they can harbor mold. You should also consider insulating the walls.


Removing mold during bathroom remodeling can be an easy process as long as you do not ignore it and follow the process mentioned above. Remember, mold should be dealt with as soon as you observe the first signs & symptoms. In some cases, the bathroom remodeler Port Jefferson can handle it. However, if they can’t, you should consult mold removal services.

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