How To Blend Hair Extensions With Short Hair

Hair extensions done from hair salons are the perfect way to add dimension, depth, body, volume, and most importantly length to your hair. The cherry on top; you can create various hairstyles according to your mind and occasion without experimenting on your actual hair.

Who Should Go For Hair Extensions?

Every woman who loves having hair or in fact long hair should go for hair extensions. Supposedly, you saw your favorite movie celebrity getting a cute bob or a stylish lob or just sexy short layers and next thing you know, you run to the salon. The decision you made for your hair looks great on the first day and you get tons of compliments, only to regret it the next day. But worry not as hair extensions are there for the rescue.

The only difficult task is how to apply hair extensions on short hair seamlessly and unnoticeably. But if you follow the below-listed tips and ways to use for hair extensions then surely you can flaunt an uninterrupted set of long locks.

Type Of Hair Extensions

The best type of hair extensions for your short hair are clip-in hair extensions. These are the most versatile, quick, hassle-free and affordable, and least damaging hair extensions for your hair. Clip them whenever you need to and you are ready to go.

Go For Thick Hair Extensions

Thicker hair extensions will hide the ends and bluntness of your short hair. Usually, for short hair, the main issue is the blending of the hair extensions in a way that looks natural and not artificial. Go for thick tresses as they are better at hiding edges as compared to thin extensions.

The Texture Of Hair Extensions

Always go for human hair extensions. Even though they are more expensive than synthetic ones, they are worth the buy. They look more natural and blend effortlessly with your real hair and can be heated and styled.

Layer Up

The most discreet way to cover up your short hair is to put weft on weft. This means adding a double layer of your hair wefts. This will add volume and will give your life depth and remove the blunt edges of short hair.

Add Texture

Straight hair shows more edges as compared to wavy or curly hair. The hair tends to stick out and look bad straight hair, so it is recommended to blow-dry your hair in soft waves which will enhance your layers and also give a natural girl next door look or you can even curl up your locks for a sophisticated feel.

Add Serum

When you add serum, it makes your hair appear more shiny, soft, and silky. Applying serum will help to settle down the flyaways and ends sticking out and even your straight hair will look naturally blended.

Hide The Ends

The blending part is directed towards the ends only. If you have very short hair then the blending can be a problem. However, you can hide the ends but making braids and tying them in small buns.

The Size Of The Hair Extensions

The size of the hair extensions should not exceed the length of your hair and not be very short. Roughly 6 to 7 inches is the average length for hair extensions.

Where To Put Hair Extensions?

Experts recommend not placing the hair extensions right on top of the hair and also not completely under your hair. The best place is the middle; take some strands and hold them apart and place the wefts in the middle of the hair.

Go For A Couple Of Hair Extensions

In the case of short hair, the more the merrier your hair will look. Distribute the hair extensions evenly so that there is no imbalance. More extensions will give a more natural look and feel.

Tease Those Tresses

Another issue is the perfect and tight placement of the hair extensions. Teasing your roots a little will lead to a lift in your hair. It will give a good grip for the extensions and will look effortless.

If you are longing for long, flowy hair, then don’t just sit back because now you can easily go for a beautiful long hair look by visiting a hair extensions salon. Hypno

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