How To Do Caramel Balayage

Balayage is a very popular hair coloring technique that has been trending among women for a long time now. If you want caramel balayage from balayage services, then here is everything you need to know about it.

Dark Hair Or Light Hair

The great thing about the color caramel is that it looks good with all types of hair. It doesn’t matter if you have lighter hair, blonde locks, a dark mane, have previously dyed your hair before, whatever the case may be, caramel will look extremely beautiful and it will give your hair so much more color and brightness.

If you have lighter hair, then it’s best to go for a darker and more burnt sugar-like color. It will stand out against your lighter hair and it will catch the light wherever you are going. It will be a breath of fresh air for you and your skin will also look brighter.

However, if you have darker hair, then it’s best to go for a caramel color which will enhance your dark locks and a light brown sugar color is perfect for your hair. It will give an illusion of highlights in your hair and your hair will have a lot more dimensions in it. It will not look flat or boring.

Caramel is a very versatile color that looks good with almost all skin tones and hair colors. You just need to choose something which will go great with your hair and what you will look good in.

Choices Of Caramel

There are many shades of caramel that you can choose from. From light to dark, there are a plethora of colors you can choose from and all will look amazing. Every shade of caramel has that distinctive warm and sweet undertone that we all know and love.

Caramel and brunette go great together because there is just something about the harmony of two warm colors meeting and giving your hair that extra bit of oomph when it needs it. Blonde and caramel is a killer combination that looks good and the great thing about it is that both colors neutralize each other out. It is a great choice if you want something different yet stylish.

Black and caramel is also a great idea because the harshness of black is toned down by the warmth of the caramel color. A lighter caramel color also gives the illusion of streaks in the hair.

Another great color combination is red and caramel hair. If you have naturally red hair and you want to add some warmth to it, then caramel is a great color. It will peek out of your fiery red locks and it will look very warm and playful. It is a great color.

Get It Done By A Professional

Here are some things you need to remember when you are trying to get your hair done by a professional.

  • Look for a good hairstylist which will accommodate you and will listen to your needs and how you want the result to look.
  • Always do a patch test first. You don’t want the hair to have an allergic reaction to the dye or, if you don’t like the color pay off in general, this is the time to change it. A lot of salons do test patches on your hair to show you how the color will look.
  • Your hair needs to be clean and dry before the Balayage.
  • Your stylist will cut down some of the hair if the Balayage color is lighter than your natural hair color.
  • The color is feathered through your hair and it is a very intricate technique that colorists do.
  • The dye is allowed to sit in the hair for about 40 minutes.
  • Then the hair is rinsed, blow-dried, and styled to show the maximum effect of the Balayage.
  • In case of reapplication, you need to revisit the salon in 9 weeks.


There you have it! A caramel balayage looks great whether you have lighter hair or darker hair. It gives the hair new dimension and it looks great in sunlight and pictures. Going to a reliable balayage salon is vital to get the right balayage shade that looks beautiful and stunning. Hypno

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