What should you know before getting balayage?

Do you remember when you got your first highlights back when you were in school? Chances are that you worked hard to ask permission from your parents for it because all kids did it. However, since then, the technology has gone far and things have changed a lot. Today, the colored chunky stripes have been replaced with balayage services that result in sun-kissed and natural looking highlights.

First of all, you must understand what balayage is though. Basically, balayage involves a freehand technique in which hands are used to color the hair. In the French language, balayage means sweeping. So, the hair gets very natural-looking highlights.

In this technique, you must show your stylist pictures of hair colors that you are expecting. Though, it will look different on every head because it is a free hand technique. So, do not expect to look 100% like that favorite celebrity of yours.

Things that you must know about balayage

In this article, we put together everything that you need to know about balayage treatment. It is just one of the many hair treatments. With that, we are going to answer some frequently asked questions so that you can learn more about this technique. So, read on until the end.

Is it the same as Ombre?

There is a huge misconception that ombre and balayage are the same. However, this is not true at all. Often at times, people go to the salon and show pictures that are similar to ombre. It is important to remember that ombre is a style, whereas balayage is a technique of hair color.

In ombre, the end of the hair is lighter. Balayage can be used to create the same affect but the bleach starts two inches away from the root of the hair.

Differences in highlights and balayage

Technically speaking, Balayage itself is a highlighting technique. In this hair coloring technique, the color starts few inches away from the roots. However, traditionally, highlights start right at the roots. Another major difference is that the hair color is only applied to the top layer of the hair. As a result of this, a sunkissed color is achieved. In traditional hair styling, the color goes directly into the hair which results in a sun-kissed look.

What is the cost of balayage?

Just like many other professional services, balayage may take away some cash. In case you want great treatment, then you should expect to spend over $250 on a good salon. However, we do not recommend you to go to a less reliable salon that offers the treatment for $100 or less. It is simply not worth it. Since it is a free-hand technique, you need to go to someone who is expert at it. Otherwise, an inexperienced hair stylist can easily ruin it all for you.

What is the best time to get balayage?

Well, there is no fixed time of the year when you can get balayage. This type of hair treatment can be rocked regardless of the season or months. Ultimately, it comes down to how you want to look. So, the weather conditions will not really have any extra effect on the results of your highlights.

Ending note

Balayage technique results in very natural looking hair. This is the prime reason why it is preferred by a number of people who do not like the striking contrast of traditional highlights. So, now that you know enough about balayage, you may be considering to get it done. If yes, look for a reliable balayage salon in your area and get this treatment right away. If you really want to look good, there is no reason for you to wait for it! Hypno

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