What Should Be Done With The Commercial Dishwasher At The End Of Each Workday

Commercial dishwashers are tough and rigid machines. They are designed to wash and clean hundreds of crockery items on a daily basis. You will mostly find them in the hospitality industry including restaurants and hospitals etc. To keep them effective and efficient, it is important that you follow a checklist at the end of each working day and report if it needs input from a commercial appliances repair service. Let’s discuss!

Scrape Off Food Debris From Dishes

Restaurants and hospitals etc. are quite busy places. As soon as one customer leaves, another checks in. Therefore, the staff has to keep up with the pace. However, everyone should always try their best to look after the dishwasher. If it were to malfunction, the business could come to a halt.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the staff to prolong the dishwasher’s lifespan by scraping off food from the washware. It is quite often that the staff tend to place the dishware inside without removing stubborn leftovers. Rinsing the dishes before placing them inside would be ideal.

The reason is that preventive maintenance will remove and clear any food oil or residue that may enter the dishwasher and destroy it. Large food items can easily clog the system and you will have to call a professional to fix the issue.

Always Follow The Manual

Every manufacturer recommends certain tips to extend the life of the dishwasher and keep it running as smoothly as possible. Depending on the technology used, the follow-ups may vary. This is important because not every dishwasher is meant to be dealt with the same way.

The user manual holds all the information about basic maintenance and repair. Even then, we tend to figure everything out on our own, which mostly leads to damaging other components. When it comes to serious tasks, you should always follow the manual.

Only proceed to diagnose the problem if you are confident. If you are unsure about it, you should call in a professional. There are a lot of things inside a dishwasher that can hurt you. Going through the manual will at least give you an idea about the potential problem.

Regularly Check Chemicals

Apart from following the manual and rinsing the dishware before placing them inside a dishwasher, you should regularly check the chemicals as well. Detergents, rinse aid and sanitizer are the most important chemicals used by a commercial dishwasher. They are important because they help produce sparkly clean and well-sanitized dishes.

If you were to use low or high-concentrations, customers will probably complain. Therefore, you should check your chemicals every day and make sure they are not expired. Streaks on the dishware or a strange odor can put off the customers.

Regularly Inspect Dish Racks

Since the dish racks are designed to hold the dishware inside the dishwasher, do not be surprised if they crack or chip after a certain period of time. Sometimes, users tend to overstock the dish racks, which does not only crack them but also reduces the effectiveness of the washing process.

Additionally, dish racks are mostly painted or coated for protection. This protection will wear out with time. As a result, the chipping can damage several important components of a dishwasher. With that said, you should regularly inspect the dish racks even while purchasing new ones.

Clean The Inside Daily

The purpose of a commercial dishwasher is speedy turn-up of clean and streak-free dishes. However, being a cleaning device does not mean that it does not need to be cleaned. Instead, it is the opposite. As mentioned earlier, commercial dishwashers handle a large number of dishware on a daily basis.

If the inside of the dishwasher is ignored, it will have problems cleaning the dishes. This is because people ignore rinsing the dishes before placing them inside, which sometimes blocks the system. Therefore, follow a proper maintenance schedule and make sure that the inside is cleaned at the end of each day.

Final Word

To conclude, commercial dishwashers require maintenance like most household appliances. These are expensive machines that will run for years if you look after them well. If you own a commercial dishwasher, keep the tips mentioned above in mind to prevent problems and expensive repairs or replacements. Call in a commercial dishwasher repairs Northern VA service for urgent repairs and fixes.

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