How To Manage Your Google Business Profile

Considering the ever-increasing online competition, it has become necessary for businesses to both create and manage their business profiles. A business profile contains all the important information regarding a business, which helps customers verify and contact for their products and services. People can also leave reviews of your business on the Google profile. You can search how to get reviews on Google to learn more. If you are someone who is having a hard time managing your Google Business Profile, we have got some tips for you. Let’s discuss!

Keep The Information Updated

As mentioned previously, Google Business profiles are all about information. From the location to the contact details, everything should be mentioned clearly and updated if required. The downside to online businesses is that customers often get scammed and fall victim to fraud.

Even though e-commerce has turned into a global business that is worth billions of dollars, scams and frauds still exist. That said, the information mentioned in your Google Business profile helps the customer determine if the business is legitimate or not.

If they find something fishy, they will simply look for other options. For instance, if you have mentioned your location but not the contact details, potential customers would think that you are simply trying to force them to visit their physical store and avoid queries over the phone.

Similarly, some businesses as they expand tend to move to bigger locations. Neglecting the importance of updating information, they do not bother updating the location, assuming the customers would already be aware. However, that is not a good sign for potential customers who are willing to try your products and services for the first time.

Respond To Reviews

Part of managing your business profile also includes responding to reviews. Your Google Business profile is supposed to receive a lot of reviews on a daily basis, especially since it is popular amongst customers. While there are going to be some good ones, others will be negative. Instead of filtering them out or deleting them, you should respond in a professional manner.

You need to keep in mind that not every customer perceives your business the same way. Plus, not every customer will share the same experience. Therefore, you need to be ready to respond to negativity and criticism. If a business has excessively good reviews and hardly any bad ones, that could also trigger potential customers.

To prevent suspicion, it is better to respond to the negative reviews by analyzing and working on your shortcomings. This will help other customers realize that your business is serious and authentic.

Add Images And Videos Of Your Business

Adding images and videos of your business helps build trust amongst customers. You should use your business’s logo and cover photo on your Google Business Profile to help people easily recognize your brand. At the same time, you should add photos of your working environment, team, location, etc.

If you are running a restaurant, you should post images of your meals, bars, and happy customers along with videos of meal preparation and techniques.

Post On Your Google Business Profile

Just as you post on social media platforms, you can also post on your Google Business profile about offers, events, announcements, etc. You can easily create posts by visiting the Google dashboard and the posts will show up under the “Updates” section that will become even more prominent based on the search query.

The trick behind posting is to increase customer engagement. If the customers find posts they are interested in, they are most likely to click on them and go through your business profile as well. On the other hand, posting regularly sends a positive signal to Google as well that the business is active.

And finally, customers can follow your business profile and get notified whenever there is a new post.

Final Word

Managing your Google Business profile should not be a problem following the tips mentioned above. Customers who search the internet before making their purchase decisions make up a lot of businesses around the world. This is why it is important that your business stands out from the rest and keeps everything transparent. You should manage your Google business profile and generate reviews to reach more customers.

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