Crawler Cranes vs Hydraulic Cranes

Cranes have been used and are still used around the world at construction sites, transportation zones, and other areas that require extreme heavy lifting. That said, there are several different types of cranes offered by crane services but the two that tend to be the most popular are crawler cranes and hydraulic cranes. Let’s discuss the two types in detail and see what sets them apart from each other.

What Is A Hydraulic Crane?

To understand the difference between hydraulic and crawler cranes, you will first need to become familiar with the two. Hydraulic cranes as the term suggests are cranes that make use of hydraulics to load and unload heavy weights. These hydraulics systems are pressure driven and are capable of lifting loads of almost every kind.

Furthermore, hydraulic cranes are mostly mounted on trucks. These cranes cannot be driven on their own. Having mounted on a truck, these cranes can be transported anywhere. In addition to that, hydraulic cranes are mostly used for tasks that are temporary and not meant for extended periods.

Moreover, hydraulic cranes are also street legal, which means you can easily pick one up and return it to the initial site once done with the task.

What Is A Crawler Crane?

Crawler cranes are usually identified by their tracks. These cranes instead of having wheels come with tracks that allow them to crawl. At the same time, these cranes are one of the biggest types of cranes. Sometimes, situations demand that the crawler cranes be disassembled so that they can be transported to other areas and then assembled.

Considering their size, crawler cranes can reach heights up to 700 feet and can lift up to 2,000 tons at the same time. The biggest advantage of crawler cranes is that they can be transported and used in otherwise inaccessible areas.

What Is The Main Difference Between Hydraulic And Crawler Cranes?

There are several differences between hydraulic and crawler cranes that not only help with identification but also allow contractors to make the right decision when it comes to choosing between the two.

To begin with, hydraulic cranes can either have caterpillar or railroad wheels as a method of transport while crawler cranes can only have caterpillar tracks. Secondly, crawler cranes when compared to hydraulic cranes are much heavier.

In addition to that, crawler cranes can easily function and be driven on surfaces that are uneven or covered with snow and mud, etc. However, hydraulic cranes can be both driven on roads and uneven surfaces if caterpillar tracks are used.

Do Cranes Require Maintenance?

Both hydraulic and crawler cranes require maintenance. Although these cranes are specifically designed to lift, shift and unload heavy weights, they will cause some wear and tear to the components as well. That said, it is important that contractors follow the maintenance schedule and make sure the cranes are in perfect working condition.

In fact, some states have strict rules & regulations pertaining to the maintenance of cranes. In addition to the operator and contractor inspecting the crane before operating, government personnel also perform regular inspections as well.

Cranes lifting heavy weights can experience cracks, damages, and leaks that are quite normal. However, you cannot ignore and continue using the machine while ignoring the issue. There have been several incidents in the past where ignorance had caused serious monetary damage and loss of lives.

How Often Do Cranes Need Maintenance?

Crane maintenance depends on the type of loads they are lifting and the frequency of usage. If the cranes are being used 24/7, the maintenance interval will be relatively less as well. Apart from the basic maintenance protocols, there are some safety standards as well that need to be followed.

For instance, the operator should be licensed and the crew on the ground should not be anywhere near the crane while it is dealing with heavy loads. Furthermore, the crane should never be overloaded and each load should be weighed to ensure the total weight is within the lifting capacity of the crane.

Final Word

To sum it up, learning the difference between hydraulic and crawler cranes is important if you are out in search of one. To make the right decision, consider the differences mentioned above and match them with your needs and preferences. Moreover, you can consult crane rentals DC to see different types of cranes.

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