What Do Wedding Guests Want

Guests are an important part of a wedding and their needs have to be fulfilled and met during the event. You need to make a plan with your closed ones and wedding party rentals to entertain them. Here are some things which you can do to make the guests feel welcomed and included on your special day.

Have Transportation For Them

This is a very important and thoughtful thing to do for your guests to show that you care about them. If your wedding is taking place somewhere secluded and some guests are too far away from the venue, make sure that you are providing some sort of transportation for them. It doesn’t have to be too elaborate. Something as simple as setting all of the far away guests at a common place and then having a special bus or commute service take them to the venue, will mean a lot for the guests who are facing issues with traveling. This will be extremely appreciated by the guests and you will also feel good about their safety.

Welcome Them Personally

The bride and groom are busy during their wedding day, but nothing can be harmed if you take out a few minutes to greet the guests personally. No amount of favors and food can go past the personal welcome of the bride and groom. The guests, especially the older and aged ones, will appreciate this gesture a lot and they will feel special. So, try to allocate some time away from the hustle and bustle and greet the guests warmly. It doesn’t have to be a long welcome, just a few hugs and words are enough, but this small gesture will mean a lot to the guests attending.

Have Wedding Favors

Everyone loves a little bit of party favors. Wedding guests are no exception. Have wedding favors like goody bags or initial refreshments for the guests as soon as they arrive. This will give the guests something to stay busy with and they will not feel left out either. These small favors will go a long way and sometimes, they leave a lasting impression on the wedding guests.

Good Food Means Good Mood

Food is always a mood lifter, so make sure that you are making the guests feel left out when it comes to that. Give them all an equal and good treatment when it comes to food. You don’t want to be that host that didn’t tend to the guests during the dinner reception. This will not be a good time for you. So, make sure that all the guests are being looked after at the dinner reception and everyone is getting their bellies full with good food at the end of the wedding.

Have Seat Allocation

Some guests will appreciate the gesture if you allocate special seats for them. It’s a good idea to have name tags and a table plan to guide the guests where they need to sit for the rest of the event. This will be a good gesture from you to the guests and they will feel special that you allocated a good table for them to sit and chat for the rest of the day. This might be a very insignificant thing, but it makes all of the difference and a lot of people will appreciate this token of care.

Introduce Them To Everyone

Last but not least, the guests need to be introduced to everyone in the wedding. This is common courtesy and you need to make everyone feel included in the event. So, take some time out and introduce your guests to everyone important, like your friends, your significant other’s family and other important people.

A lot of people want to get to know the other guests and it’s your job to bridge the gap between them and introduce them properly. This small gesture will go a long way and the guests can also mingle with each other after introductions.


There you have it! These tips and tricks will make sure that the guests leave your wedding feeling satisfied and happy. You will also feel like your guests were tended properly and no one was left out during the wedding. For this to happen, get the services of reliable caterers and wedding tent rentals Rockland NY.

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