How To Do Coin Magic Tricks

Magic tricks with coins are popular and usually don’t require a lot of magic props. There are many magic tricks with coins you can do, find some tricks to try below.

Make A Coin Disappear Using A Glass

This trick is easy and suggested for beginners.  In this magic trick, you’ll show the audience a glass and a coin placed on plain paper and announce that you’ll make the coin disappear. You’ll put a cloth on the glass and paper, when you’ll remove the cloth, there will be the glass only. The coin will be disappeared.

Preparation For The Trick

You’ll need a clear glass, two pieces of white plain paper, clear tape, scissors, a coin, a pencil, and a piece of cloth that can cover the whole paper.

  • Put the glass top down on the paper. Draw around the top of the glass with a pencil.
  • Remove the glass and use scissors to cut out the circle made on the paper.
  • Attach the circular paper to the glass with clear tape. Make sure you use a minimum of tape. Take three small pieces of tape and stick them to the glass and the paper with an equal distance between them.
  • If there are any edges of the paper visible, trim them with scissors so the attached paper becomes unnoticeable.
  • Put the glass top down on the second piece of the paper that is untouched. The glass should look like normal glass without anything attached to it when seen from a few feet.

Performing The Trick

  • Gather your audience and show them a piece of paper that has a coin and a glass top down on it. Announce that you’re going to make the coin disappear.
  • Take the cloth and cover the glass with it. The coin is visible at this point.
  • Move the glass towards the coin so that it reaches the coin.
  • Distract the audience by making a magician’s move from your other hand or saying anything that will shift the audience’s focus to you from the hand that is moving the glass.
  • During the direction, move the glass towards the coin so that the coin is dragged into the glass. The paper will be covering it.
  • Remove the cloth and show the audience that you have made a coin disappear.
  • You can use some other props like a wand to distract the audience.

Teleport A Coin From One Hand To The Other

This requires practice. You’ll place a coin in one hand and show it to the audience and announce that you’ll transport it from this hand to the other, then make the secret move to transport it and show the audience that it transported.

Performing The Trick

  • Hold a coin in one hand and tell the audience that it’ll be transported from one hand to the other. Engage the audience or tell them a story related to coins, teleporting things, or magic. I told people a funny story about my experience of getting a Persian rug.
  • Put the coin in your right hand and make a fist with the hand. During this, make sure you move the coin so it’s between your middle and index finger. You’ll move the coin from this hand to the other by sliding it into the other hand later.
  • Move your hands over each other and seamlessly drop the coin from the right hand to the left. Keep them engaged in the story and the hand movement should appear natural for someone whose talking.
  • Ask the audience if they want to see the coin transfer. You have transferred the coin, but the audience doesn’t know.
  • The audience will say yes. Ask them which hand the coin is in right now. They will point to the right hand. Show them the empty right hand.
  • Now, open the left hand and show them the coin has been teleported.

You need practice to seamlessly transfer the coin from the right to the left hand or vice versa. Keep in mind that engaging the audience in a story or anything similar is important to keep them occupied.


These magic tricks are easy to do if you’re just starting out. The second trick may be difficult, but if you practice and engage the audience, you’ll finally perform it perfectly. For making your magic tricks flawless, get magic supplies from a magic shop at reasonable rates.

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