What Are The Popular Tent Styles For Parties

If you want to host a party outside, then you might be thinking about getting a tent for some privacy from event tent rentals. Here are some amazing tent ideas that will make your party a lot more fun.

Frame Tent

A frame tent is exactly what it sounds like. It has a structured tent to allow support. The structure is usually made out of hollow and thin pipes and it is what gives the tent integrity to stand. The tent itself, or the shaded area is propped on top of the frame.

This type of tent is styled in the shape of a box, but the sides are bare and don’t have walls. This tent is also very easy to set up and can be used for big and small parties. If you want to have a structured tent that won’t fall or sway with the wind then this is the one you want to go for.

Pole Tent

A pole tent has the shaded part supported with poles rather than frames. They are secured to the ground by pushing them on the surface and then they stand tall and support the tent. This type of tent is amazing for parties that are small because this tent doesn’t have a lot of structural integrity.

It’s a great way to give shade to the people or a part of the outdoors where the party is being held. The pole tent is easy to install and take off, but it’s not the strongest one, especially if you plan on using it on windy days.

Pop-Up Tent

This type of tent is just like a pole tent, but way more easier to put up and down. It’s similar in style and structure to a pole tent, but it is put together on the ground. The ties are tied and then one or two people can handle poles on either side and prop the tent up, hence, the name pop-up tent.

This is probably the easiest tent to put together, but it has the same issue as a pole tent and that is a lack of structural support.

High Peak Tent

Tents are usually flat with poles supporting the sides of it. A high peak tent has one central pole, which is longer than the poles on the sides and this is what holds the structure in place. This higher pole creates a high peak in the center of the tent perimeter and it gives a nice style to the entirety of the tent.

This is a great design and a different way to have a tent at parties. It is also stronger and has more integrity than the other pole type tents and it can also be used at wedding receptions and parties.

Side Wall Tent

Usually, tents don’t have walls on the sides. If you are hosting an event or party that needs a bit more privacy, then you can consider getting a side wall tent. The tent is exactly like a pole or frame tent. The only additional thing is the introduction of walls on all of the sides.

This makes the tent look like a box and the walls can also be decorated as per your liking. This type of tent is great for intimate gatherings or even segregation in one tent if you want to put up walls for another area like the bathroom or the kitchen.

Canopy Tent

Last but not least, a canopy tent is another variant of a pole or frame tent, but the difference is that the shaded part of the roof of the tent is also quite structured and has an internal framework of pipes or a skeleton holding it in place.

This tent stretches over a decent amount of area and it’s great for parties if you want the tent to look good and more refined. It’s very easy to install and can be taken apart and built in the span of a few minutes.


There you have it! These tent ideas are not only going to serve the basic purpose, but they are also quite creative and can amplify your party’s vibe. Go to a party tent rental Rockland NY that has a variety of tents and designs to choose from.

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