Spice Up Your 2018 With These Hair Tips

A celebrity hair stylist understands that there are people who really spend weeks or even months just to plan out their Halloween costume. And for these people, their hair is the most crucial thing that ties in their looks. It doesn’t matter if you will go for extensions or a wig as there are a few things you can try to do to take your Halloween hair to the next level and on point.

Use Heat Tools

Is your extensions or wig real or synthetic hair? See to it that you know first the answer to this before you continue.

If your extensions or wig are synthetic, be extra careful when you use heat on this as you wouldn’t want to melt it and ruin your tools completely. For styling a synthetic wig, you can use a blow dryer on its lowest setting them comb through using a round brush.

One more tip is to use the Velcro rolls after you heat these up insider the microwave for about 30 seconds. Make sure you style the wig prior to wearing it. If the wig is too shiny, you can matte it out with the use of dry shampoo.

If your wig or extensions are made from real hair, you can style these as you would your own hair. Just don’t forget to use heat protectant to protect your investment.

Forget the Party Shops

If you already purchased your wig from a party shop, you will be able to save it by following the steps mentioned above. If not, and you want to have a more realistic hairstyle to go with your costume, you can head over instead to a specialized wig shop, or you can also ask your hair stylist. The local wig store and your stylist will have more choices and a bigger range for you to choose from. If you will opt for a wig, see to it that you get a Styrofoam head for it to have a good place to sit and avoid losing its shape. Choose the best wig or clip in hair extensions Potomac MD that will perfectly blend with your costume, and suit your budget at the same time.


This one is not something you can do on your own, unless you are extremely confident when using shears or you are a stylist yourself. It is always best to cut the wig to fit your face. Wigs tend to be cut bluntly most of the time. If you trim it, you will be able to customize this to go well with your looks, making your costume look even more realistic.

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