Pros And Cons Of Having A Backyard Wedding

Wedding days are the most important days for a lot of people’s lives and they want every moment to be perfect. But sometimes, people want to keep it low key by having a wedding in their own backyard. They can hire decorators and round tables rentals to prepare the backyard for the ceremony. Here are some good and bad things about doing just that.

Pros Of A Backyard Wedding

The Venue Is Free

The venue is probably the most expensive thing out of the whole wedding budget. For a lot of couples who are getting married, the venue takes up almost 60% of the budget and you have no such control over the situation anyway. There are things you can maneuver in the wedding budget, but the venue is something which cannot be compromised on.

So, if you are planning to have your wedding in your own backyard, then you will be saving a ton of money, which would’ve been thrown into the venue without even batting an eye.

You Have Easy Access To Everything

A lot of the wedding stress has to do with having everything in one place and not having to go back and forth between the venue and your house to get things, in case you forget them. For a backyard wedding, these things and unwanted stresses can be easily eliminated. You can have everything in the reach of your hand at your own house. You can even set up bridal appointments and makeup appointments in your house and be stress free throughout the event.

You Can Splurge More On Other Things

If you save a good chunk of money on not having to throw your money on a wedding venue, then you have two options, as to what to do with that money. Either you can save it and use it for later, or you can have this money spent on special wedding favors. A dream wedding only happens once, so you might as well spend the money and have a memorable day to look back to after years have passed. You can use it for a good wedding dress, more decorations and delicious food.

Cons Of A Backyard Wedding

You Will Need Permission

One of the most exhausting things about planning a backyard wedding is to have the permission taken from the department of housing. You will need a written permission for the wedding ceremony to take place in your backyard, otherwise this joyful day can turn into a police raid. If you have time, then try to get this important task done beforehand. It takes some time and you don’t want to leave it until the last minute. Having a permission will keep you in safe waters.

Not Ideal For Small Spaces

Most people have small houses and even smaller backyards. This is the main reason why people opt for venues rather than their own houses for the wedding to take place. If you have a very small space, then the wedding will be super cramped and your house will be stuffed with people. This is not an ideal situation.

A lot of people tend to go for backyard weddings if they have a humongous backyard which can host a wedding reception of at-least 200 people. If you don’t have a big enough backyard, then this plan might not work out for you.

It Takes A Lot Of Time To Prepare

Your backyard is always in constant need of maintenance and if you want to host a picturesque event like a wedding, then you will need to hit the ground and get it maintained and looking beautiful. This step also takes a lot of time, depending on the severity of your backyard. You might want to change out dead plants, wilted grass and other things and replace all of them. This can also add up if the maintenance is very long. So, you need to think about the finances carefully, whether a backyard wedding is worth it or not.


There you have it! Now you can weigh the pros and cons of hosting your wedding in your own backyard and decide if it’s worth executing or not. You may still need the aid of wedding tent rentals Maryland and other vendors for a stress-free wedding.

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