How To Measure Brand Awareness On Social Media

Brand awareness plays a huge role when it comes to market competition. It is due to brand awareness that the customers prefer choosing a particular brand to others. This allows a business to analyze and study customer response and awareness about its products and also perform online review management. So, let’s take a look at some of the ways a business can measure brand awareness on social media.

Exposure And Potential Reach

The exposure and potential reach are the two most important initial factors defining your brand recognition amongst social media platforms. It is basically a track record of the number of unique viewers checking out your business website or page.

However, the problem with exposure and potential reach is that they do not provide an insight to help with the PR strategy. Therefore, they should only be used as baseline metrics. For instance, a post might have a huge exposure but low or negative engagement. This means that the customers are not interested in studying or going through your products in detail.


Engagement, in simple words, means the amount of time customers are willing to spend interacting with the posts. There are several ways of measuring engagement. For example, there are data analytics tools that observe and record likes, comments, retweets, and shares. This means that the customers like your product to the point where they would like others to consider it as well.

Such positive engagement helps a business turn potential customers into actual ones. At the same time, it also helps a business establish and steer their existing marketing strategy to the one that is more successful. However, then again, there is a limitation to measuring engagement.

A post may have hundreds of likes and shares but no comments. This means that the subject is not stimulating enough for discussion.


The impact defines the overall sentiments and changes in the customer behavior towards your products. These sentiments and customer behaviors are a direct result of your PR strategy. As a result, companies like to compare the initial engagement and exposure levels with those during and after the campaign.

This could be easily measured by using social media analytics. Once you have received the data, you can use it as a benchmark to guide the next steps.

Using Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is the last step when it comes to measuring brand awareness on social media platforms. Your posts receiving a high number of retweets and mentions point to increasing growth. However, your marketing strategy should use the sentiment factor the right way.

You might have come across several brands releasing special ads on Mother’s Day. The point is to influence and attract customers by using emotions and sentiments. With the right combination of message, sentiment, and emotions, your product is likely to reach a broader audience.


Businesses must understand the power of social media influencers. There is a reason that companies ask influencers to promote their products. As a result, the interests of the influencers should be understood along with the degree of engagement they can generate.

By using appropriate metrics, you can measure how interested are the influencers in promoting your important messages and helping customers become aware of your business along with the products. The key lies in identifying the right influencers and pitching to the right audience.

Using Social Media Analytics The Right Way

When it comes to measuring your brand awareness, you should use as many analytic tools as possible. This will ensure the most reliable results. The reason being that almost every analytic tool has certain limitations. Therefore, your marketing strategies cannot be only based on those results.

In addition to that, it is important that you first identify your target audience and observe the way customers interact with your posts and products. Social media platforms have billions of users in total and this makes it important for businesses to work rather smart than hard.

Final Word

Measuring brand awareness can sometimes be tricky. However, if you were to follow the steps mentioned above, you can achieve reliable results. Make sure that your marketing strategies provoke interest and stimulate discussions that keep making your brand stand out. Also, use reputation management and review management software to monitor your brand.

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