How many types of cranes can you find in the market?

Derrick or tower with pulleys, ropes, and other mechanisms that descend and lift various things is known as a crane. You can easily rend these through a crane rentals service. This type of machinery is commonly employed for heavy machinery and is utilized in the construction sector. Temporary heavy lifting structures either attached to a truck or fastened to the ground for industrial rigging, make up most cranes.

Cranes can either be managed by a licensed crane operator or by a cab that conveys them. Cranes can also be operated using radio-type controls. Crane operators, like the operators of all other large construction machines, oversee ensuring the safe functioning of cranes on building sites.

What kinds of construction cranes are there?

Construction managers should be familiar with the many kinds of cranes that may be used in the industry. Our focus in this post will be on the most widely employed ones. The following are among them:

Cranes on wheels

In the construction business, mobile cranes are a typical crane type because of their versatility. It’s also known as a hydraulic mobile crane. Cranes with telescopic booms attached to moveable platforms are commonly used in construction. A cat truck or a rail might be used as this platform. A cable-operated hinge at the boom’s bottom allows it to be lifted or lowered.

Mobile cranes’ greatest asset is their adaptability. Therefore, it is the preferred method of operation for many construction managers. With other cranes, getting the crane in the right position to lift a hefty object might be a challenge. Mobile cranes are ideal in this situation.

A crane with an extended boom

The boom of telescopic cranes is made up of a series of tubes stacked on top of each other. These tubes may be extended or contracted hydraulically to alter the boom’s length. Telescopic booms are used in most construction cranes nowadays.

Because of its long boom, the telescopic crane can carry relatively large things with reasonable ease.

Forklift cranium

A folding boom crane is another name for a loader crane. Hydraulic power is used to move the articulated arm of this crane. To load equipment onto trucks, loader cranes are frequently employed.

When the crane is not in use, it has several components that fold away. The capacity of these cranes has risen substantially throughout the years. There are also 200-ton folding boom cranes on the market nowadays.

Cranes may be heard in the distance

Suspended cranes are another name for overhead cranes. They’re often seen in manufacturing facilities, where they’re capable of handling massive loads. Outside factories and docks are popular places to see large-capacity overhead cranes.

It’s a hoist on wheels that moves in a straight line along with two or a single beam. The direction of travel of the trolley may be seen in the way it travels.

Cranes with overheard hoists can also be seen in large production facilities where heavy lifting is required on a regular basis. These cranes are frequently used in the automobile sector, for example.

Crane mounted on a truck

The boom of a truck-mounted¬†crane is attached to a truck with rubber tires, as the name implies. As a result, the train’s overall mobility and stability are improved. They can raise up to 50 tons of weight and are extremely mobile, making them an extremely useful piece of equipment.


Depending on the industry, there are an infinite number of crane models. But the ones we’ve discussed are prevalent in a wide range of sectors, building sites, and industrial facilities. So, before you hire crane rental services DC, you need to know what you want to use it for and what kind of crane you’ll need.

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