Dos And Don’ts Of Hair Extensions You Must Follow

Hair extensions are the rage these days and have come a long way during the last 15 years. From celebrities to normal people, everyone is endorsing hair extensions in one form or another. Whether you opt for human hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions, there are some measures that you will have to take care of.

Hair extensions can be sewed and threaded on your hair, which by the way, last the longest. They can be glued on your hair shaft, or they can just be clipped on. Whatever you go for there are some dos and don’ts that you have to religiously follow or your extensions will not last long and get messy and tangled.

Dos of Hair Extensions

  1. Do try clip on hair extensions at first as they are easy to take care of and you have your natural hair as well. You can just clip on when needed and take put when you do not need them.
  2. Do use specialized shampoos and conditioners which are specially made for hair extensions.
  3. Do invest in a bug paddle brush with nylon bristles and a wide tooth comb for gently brushing and detangling your hair.
  4. Do apply leave in conditioners and serums to make your hair extensions soft, healthy, and manageable.
  5. Do be prepared to spend extra time in the morning to style and take care of your hair as hair extensions may take time to style.
  6. Do use styling products such as flat iron and curling but not often and keep the heat setting low.
  7. Do use dry shampoos when you have hair extensions.
  8. Do brush gently every night before your sleep and tie your hair in a loose braid to avoid tangles in the morning.
  9. Do buy the hair extensions from a reliable and known hair salon.
  10. Do check reviews of the hair extensions before buying them.
  11. Do invest in human hair extensions as they will look and feel just like your own hair and you can style them accordingly.
  12. Do go for maintenance care of the hair extensions every 4 to 6 months in the salon by professionals.
  13. Do buy hair extensions that are similar in texture, feel and color of your original hair.

Don’ts of Hair Extensions

  1. Do not try glued or sewn in hair extensions in the first time as you may not be able to maintain it and all your money goes in the dustbin. Glued and sewn in hair extensions last the longest but you will have to maintain and take care of them properly.
  2. Do not scrub and rub your hair vigorously when you have hair extensions as it could get all tangled up and difficult to brush out.
  3. Do not shampoo your hair every other day as it could damage your hair and make them dry.
  4. Do not brush your hair aggressively as the hair extensions are delicate and can lead to damage and breakage.
  5. Do not use heated styling products at very high heat as hair extensions are also human hair but not just yours and can get damaged as well.
  6. Do not ever sleep with wet hair.
  7. Do not use heated products frequently and when you use make sure to not keep the heated product on strand for a long time.
  8. Do not use curling irons or flat irons at the base of the hair extensions as it could get burnt easily.
  9. Do not sleep with open hair at night and do not sleep without brushing your hair at night.
  10. Do not color your hair extensions at home.
  11. Do not excessively use styling products at home and also don’t resort to making hairstyles every day. This could lead to product buildup in the extensions and cause to become greasy. Excessive hairstyling will pull them and they last for a lesser period of time.
  12. Do not buy hair extensions that are different from the texture, color and type from your hair. Different texture and color will make them look fake and people will notice it right away.
  13. Do not buy synthetic hair extensions as they look fake and are also not durable, plus they will not gel with your natural hair.

Lastly, always go to reliable and professional salons that do hair extensions Potomac to ensure best results.

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