Different types of tents used for functions

Festivities are part of modern life.  Wedding, birthday, christening, firs holy communion etc have become great occasions for celebration. These days most celebrations are taking place in halls or in rented tents in an open space.  So, it is better you have some basic information about the various types of tents available and how to make use of them properly to make your function a grand success. First of all let us understand the different types of tents that are available for rent at tent rentals.

Frame coverings: For persons who have limited space or who want to make use of their terraces of decks, frame tents will be the most suitable one. The framework of this type of tents is made up of aluminum or steel pipes. If your location does not allow digging holes then this type of tents are most suitable.  The tent rentals company can arrange a white top canopy or a transparent canopy depending upon your need and the suitability of the occasion.

Pole canopy

If the proposed event is going to take place on grass or on asphalt surface, where facility for staking the shade is possible, one can go for pole tents that will be available with large tent rentals. Tensioned cables and poles are used for stability. These are excellent for garden events, and for beautiful and classical functions. Their raised peaks can be highlighted by proper lighting.

Canopies needed for transition

If the guest is expected to enter into the main function straight away, then transition coverings will be suitable. These long and narrow canopy style coverings create graceful walkway helping to create excitement as the guests get into the reception area.

Clearspan coverings

For function which are open, airy, and with no obstructed views, clearspan coverings available at tent rentals will be the most suitable one.  As they do not have any center poles they are very good for maximizing the existing space. This tent will be suitable for those who want all the gathering to assemble in one intimate enclosure.

Sailcloth covers

For gala events with carnival feel, get sailcloth tents from large tent rentals MD. The crispness of the cloth will give a relaxed atmosphere. Various bright glowing shades will give a unique romantic atmosphere at night.

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