A refrigerator repair guide for you

A refrigerator is like a workhorse for any commercial business or a household kitchen. Without any effort from our side, refrigerators keep items frozen and cool 24/7. Since these appliances continue to work for such a long time, problems can sometimes arise. Hence, occasional refrigerator repair is something that is totally inevitable.

However, it is high time for you to realize that it is not just up to the technicians to fix your refrigerator. With a little bit of technological know-how, you can easily repair your refrigerator. However, for complex issues, we suggest you leave the handling to a technician. Otherwise, you may end up doing more damage than there already is.

Easy refrigerator repair guide

In this article, we put together number of ways using which you can resolve some common refrigerator problems. Note that we still endorse going to a proper refrigerator repair company.

Leakages in refrigerator

Are you seeing the presence of water on the floor? Most of the time, a leakage in the refrigerator is not hard to fix.

The major culprits in this case could be the drain pan, the door gaskets, and/or the defrost drain. In case the door gaskets are not sealing properly near the end, they may start leaking the water out. In this regard, you may have to clean out any buildup that is preventing the gasket from closing properly. If that does not work, you will have to replace the gasket.

Furthermore, also remove any possible clogging in the defrost drain. With that, sometimes the drain pan at the bottom becomes full resulting in drainage. To solve this, just take the pan out and drain it, followed by a quick rinse with warm-soapy water.

Loudness in refrigerator

Sometimes, refrigerators start making noise all of a sudden. These can range from hissing, to whirring, buzzing, and other vibrating sounds. These sounds are not normal and can arise due to any underlying issue.

In case there is an issue with an internal component such as a compressor, your only bet is to call a refrigerator technician. Such complex components are hard to fix on your own and you certainly don’t want to damage it even further.

Furthermore, continuing to use a loud refrigerator may simply aggravate the problem even further. Ultimately, this may result in a complete shutdown of your refrigerator unit (something that will be a nightmare for your household kitchen or commercial kitchen).

Freezer/Refrigerator is not cooling properly

Is your milk getting spoiled? Do you see water droplets inside your refrigerator all over? Chances are that it is not cooling properly as it should.

Firstly, you must check the settings of the temperature. It is possible that these settings may have been tampered with unknowingly, resulting in less cooling.

Then, go ahead and inspect the gaskets on the door. It is important for refrigerators to be sealed perfectly in order to stay cool inside. Otherwise, heat from outside will continue to flow in and disturb the optimal internal temperature of your refrigerator unit. Sometimes, replacing the gasket seals can solve this issue especially if the issue was arising due to improper closing.

Lastly, check if an item is blocking the flow of cold air in the refrigerator. Try to move the taller food items aside to prevent blockage.

Ending note

If none of the above mentioned tips resolve your refrigerator issue, then know that it is time to call a commercial appliance repair Alexandria Company. When you do so, try to describe your issue to the technician as comprehensively as you can. This way, you will be able to get the best service possible.

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