8 Best Wedding Books To Read For Planning

Many are the wedding party rentals and services around that help people in managing their wedding events and plan everything as the couple wants. Websites have been introduced, apps have been launched to make it easy for the people to find out how they can find best wedding planners, wedding tent rental packages etc.

Wedding planning tips

The importance of wedding planning book can never be denied. Everyone before they get married should read some really good books on wedding planning and management. Here we are sharing some books that will help in this regard.

  1. A Practical Wedding Planner

Wedding planning is a hectic process that spans over weeks and sometimes months. The brides and grooms don’t want to make wrong decisions and feel bad at the end. This book, the first edition, is what a couple really needs to approach the wedding planning and feeling right and satisfied about your decisions. The author had discussed the essentials of a great and successful wedding planning with useful tips for the couples including how to arrange wedding party rentals.

  1. The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner and Organizer

The Knot website is the most popular wedding planning and management website that primarily helps brides in managing their weddings. This book was introduced by the website owner and it is a leading source to get wedding planning inspirations and tips. The book contains a lot of information for everyone who wants to know about wedding planning. You will get scheduling tips along with how to stay on budget, how to save money and many more useful advices.

  1. The Bride’s Essential Wedding Planner

This book is for every bride around. The about to be-brides can purchase this book and plan their weddings accordingly. It will make easier for the brides to adjust their desires and devise a smooth plan. And it has comprehensive scheduling, checklists and ideas you would love to have.

  1. The Wedding Planner and Organizer

This book has thousands of five stars in rating and this shows how cool and useful this book has been for the couples. Try this book and make your wedding planning better on the special day. You can acquire a lot of knowledge and interesting stuff from this book if you are managing your wedding. The brides will get some cool inspirations from this book to make sure they have the best wedding in the town.

  1. Lovely Wedding Planner

Usually wedding planning books focus more on brides than anything else. However, the author of this book has adopted a different approach where it covers every aspect of wedding including friends, family, bridal party, event management and others. A great thing about it is that this book is used images very well.

  1. Kate Spade New York Wedding Planner

This book is one of the best and often recommended ones for all brides or those going to be brides soon. The book itself is pretty awesome with an elegant cover and beautiful designs. If you have no idea of how and where to get start from the wedding planning, this book will help you a lot with all the basics of wedding planning. The details are brief but comprehensive and educate an ordinary person very well about the planning of weddings. This is not expensive at all.

  1. Miss Manners’ Guide to a Surprisingly Dignified Wedding

The author of the book along with her newlywed daughter is taking over the wedding planning with her latest book on how the brides can plan their weddings. She has written a great book and focuses on planning, managing resources, doing everything smoothly and not getting perplexed in case of any wrongdoing. This book will surely help the readers and particularly the brides who are getting married in near future.

  1. The Southern Wedding Planner

This book guides the couples through various wedding planning parts, the whole process and provides detailed guidance for a special wedding planning. The gold file cover of the book is really gorgeous and you will be more than happy to own this awesome book.

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