What To Do When You’re Wrongly Accused Of Domestic Violence?

If you are not guilty of domestic violence but are nonetheless accused of it – you need an assault defense lawyer as soon as possible. This is basically the first thing that should be done in such a scenario but not the only solution. There are several other things that you should do if you are wrongly being accused of domestic violence on any level.

Stats of False Domestic Violence Accusations

The stats of wrongly accusing your current or ex-parent for being domestically violent in a relationship are pretty high. This is pretty clear by the number of assault defense attorney that are hired for this very purpose every year. Almost every 2 out of 5 filed domestic violence cases are false or made up.

Reasons of False Accusations

It is pretty obvious that hiring an assault defense attorney is basically one of the safest solution you can opt for. But before we jump into exploring other possibilities of what you can do other than hiring an defense lawyer. Let’s take a look at the possible reasons that lead to these false accusations in the first place.

  • Accusing your partner of physical or mental torture is a great way to escape an unhealthy relationship.
  • Mostly women accuse men of domestic violence when they want to stop them from seeing the children after a separation or divorce.
  • It is the quickest way to end a marriage because domestic violence often leads to divorce in most cases.

What Should You Do?

If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in such a situation where you’re current or ex-partner is accusing, you of domestic violence for ulterior motives – here is everything you can do to deal with such a situation.

  1. Talk to Your Partner in Person

If you are married to your partner who is accusing, you of domestic violence or are separated/divorced – if such a thing happens you should try to talk to your current or former partner in person face to face. This is the best way to solve the problem through communication without dragging it to court.

  1. Think It Through Clearly

In case of false accusations, the non-guilty often starts behaving like guilty because of all the stress and trauma. It is important to keep a clear head throughout the ordeal and make sure you have all your facts sorted in your head.

  1. Seek Legal Help

Without wasting any time, you should get legal help and look for the best assault defense attorney you can hire. No matter how minor or major the case is, legal help is never wasted.

  1. Make Your Case Strong

If you choose to work with a professional assault lawyer, this is certainly the best move you can make. There is no better thing to do than to trust the professionals to take over on your behalf. However, you still need to be on high alert and collect all evidences that might work in your benefit. This includes witnesses, proofs and even personal possessions

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