Persian Rugs Shop – Real VS Fake Persian Rugs

Rugs that are handwoven are a good addition to any décor and since these are very durable, these become treasured heirlooms. The area oriental rugs are popular and never go out of style. As with each item that good quality and highly sought after, people try making a quick money through selling fake as if they’re the real thing. But, how can you protect yourself from being one.

Real oriental rugs

To some people, machine made and handmade rugs look a bit the same. Machine made might be passed off as handmade ones and can be presented as more valuable than it is. The authentic rugs are often made in middle eastern regions including Nepal, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Tibet, Turkey, and so on. However, the handwoven rugs can be made in US and Europe. The value tends to differ by age and popularity, so the origin’s region might be essential to several people, yet not to others.

Identical Design of antique rugs

Once you go to stores searching for Persian rugs and you find some rugs that are identical, then chances are they’re fake. Since the Persian rugs are handmade individually, you won’t often find identical designs. They might also look the same, yet they’re not. There could be extra knot counts, the design could be smaller a bit.


If you have found a rugs shop that’s selling Persian rugs for fifty percent or more of what you’re expecting to pay, chances are they’re not real. Since Persian rugs aren’t machine made and crafted from quality fabrics and dyes, the value of these rugs will increase over time. If you’re n a store that sells rugs for hundreds or thousands less you expect to pay, such rugs aren’t authentic and would just waste your money in the long run. So, avoid cheap rugs.

Buying authentic rugs from Persian rugs shop va isn’t a task that must be taken lightly. There are scammers always waiting to fill their pockets with some unsuspecting people’s money. So, before you shop, do your homeowner and take note that if the rug seems to be too good to be true, you might want to find another rugs shop.

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