How to store oriental carpets

The best place to store your collection of, Persian antique rugs is a room that is dry and cool and where curtains or blinds are used to block the light. Only few people have the facility to store rugs in a spare room and in most cases they are usually stored under the beds, inside cupboards, or in the closets.

Persian antique rugs

Many rooms or spaces in house can be adapted as a storage area for the carpets. It is anyhow, better to avoid attics, which may not be having any climate control facilities and can suffer from humidity and swing of temperature.

Before finalizing the selection it will be better if you can consider the following facts also.

  • If your house is located at a place where humidity goes high during some seasons make sure that there is some way for the circulation of air so that mildew problems can be avoided. If possible use a dehumidifier to bring back the humidity to the normal level before using the room as storage for rugs.
  • If your house is located at a place where the humidity is low during some seasons then humidifier can be used to slightly increase the humidity of the room.
  • If windows are there it has to be blocked with curtains or blinds.
  • Make a housekeeping plan for the storage area as dirt and dust can attract insects.
  • Do not store any rug on the floor directly as there are possibilities for the thriving of carpet beetles between the back of the floor and the carpet.

Storage of Persian rugs

If your room is ready, you can use bolted metal shelving for storing your collection of tribal rugs. Padding with a cushioning material called bubble-wrap will be helpful in providing indentations for storing your rugs.

  • It is will be better to provide a buffer between wood acid and the rugs if you are storing them in wooden shelves. There are two or more options for this.
  • Provide lining with acid-free tissue paper or acid-free barrier paper: The paper you use should be sufficient for providing protection from wood acid at least or three or four years, before it becomes necessary to change them.

Coat wood with polyurethane varnish:  After drying, you can also use an additional layer of bubble wrap or something like muslin or cotton sheeting.

It is better to store rugs in rolled form.  If a rug is kept folded for long then naturally creases will develop.  In addition to this the foundation of the rug will be weakened because of the pressure being exerted on the folds and can result in breakage if brittle.

The tribal rugs virginia are usually stored rolling them over a tube. It is better to avoid using polyvinyl chloride pipes which can emit damaging chemicals. Two or more options are there in this case.

  • Though they are little expensive, acid-free tubes are suitable for this purpose. Rug tubes are often three-inches in diameter and they are sturdy also.
  • Cardboard tube can also be used by wrapping it with acid-free tissue. As these tissues are short of width several pieces have to be rolled for covering the entire length of the cardboard tube.  It will be covered with a cotton or muslin sheet before rolling to facilitate easy rolling of the rugs.

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