How To Improve AC Performance

Just to ensure that you don’t melt down and ruin your makeup or mood due to the shiny bright sun doing its job in full swing, make sure you take the following steps to improve the efficiency and life of your air conditioning unit. Or else be prepared to pay huge bills of the air conditioning repair services.

  1. Air Filter Replacement Routine

If you think you are a cleanliness Nazi and still you haven’t ever washed your HVAC’s washable air filters or haven’t ever replaced them yourself, instead have always let the HVAC repair services company do the job then I believe you still have a long way to go to earn that title. I suggest you open up your system one day and discover a new world made of dust in your unit’s air filters.

Trust me you will be shocked or would instantly start coughing. If you don’t destroy this dusty world building up in your unit then trust me the system will have to work extra hard to do its job as there will be blockage and so your energy cost would rise further.

So to avoid this huge mess and huge energy bills plus ensure a long life of your HVAC ensure that you replace these dusty air filters or wash them if they are washable, at least once a month. Set a reminder on your smart phone so that you don’t forget!

  1. Shade the Outer of Your Air Conditioner

A split AC comes with two parts an inner and an outer unit. Make sure that you don’t just forget the outer that’s away from your eyes. You must also take care of it. In order to improve the efficiency of your overall system make sure you add a shade in the shape of a canopy or maybe a few plants or literally anything near the outer placed at your rooftop or anywhere. However when doing so you must keep in mind that there should at least be a 25 inch space between the shade and the outer otherwise it will block your system. According to the U.S. Department of Energy with this shading technique your air conditioning’s performance will improve up to 10%. Sounds great right? Like imagine you can improve the efficiency without an exchange of huge sums of dollars with the air conditioning repair services company.

  1. Clean the Shrubs Out

It’s very common for shrubs and weed to start growing around your HVAC’s outer. Did you know that this growth very heavily effects your system’s performance? So to ensure a good and efficient working of your unit make sure you clean any growth around your unit which is likely to block your system and not let it perform to its fullest. It’s time to put on your gardening gloves my friend!

  1. Clean Your HVAC System’s Vent

Cleaning your vents is very important. To test my words clean your vents right away and trust me you will find your room cooling up faster and better.

  1. Ensure There’s Proper Window Sealing

This is very important! If you want a chilled room and for longer hours make sure there are no air leakages in your room. If there is any then the cooling of your room is likely to escape and so this will push your HVAC to put in extra efforts. To ensure there’s a proper window sealing and there are no leakages from the window you can conduct an air leakage test either by yourself of call a HVAC repair services McLean agent for it.

Now you would be wondering how can you do it on your own. So my friend you can do it by two ways either by switching your HVAC and place your hand on all areas of your window and see if you feel any cold air  (in winters) or hot air (in summers). The second way to detect any air leakage is by using a candle and moving it around the window and see if the light dances. If its dancing it means there’s a leak otherwise your sealing is perfect!


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