11 Things Plumber Won’t Tell You

If you have ever reached out to avail drain cleaning services for a broken pipe or overflooded basement or clogged drainage systems then you should definitely read the plumbing tips closely which are mentioned below.

Get Help from Drain Cleaning Services

To get your home fixing done, call a plumbing supply or a drain cleaning service. They never tolerate irresponsible plumbers send their best plumbers to your doorstep.

Never Trust The “Flushable” Label

If you find something labeled as “flushable” don’t flush it. Floss, tampons and other similar products don’t completely break down like an ordinary toilet paper when you flush them, rather they get clogged and appear days later to just scare you away. According to Marcin Wroblewski, the president of ExpressRooter Plumbing in Toronto, toilets are more water-efficient than they were 20 years ago so sometimes there isn’t enough volume in flush that could force the debris down.

Don’t Flush Cooking Grease

The worst thing you could do to your drain is flooding it with lots of greases right off the kitchen apparel. When we pour fat down the pipes, grease can become rock solid and may require a skilled removal by experts.  Therefore, use paper towels to wipe the pan correctly and then deposit it in the sink.

Don’t Put Bricks in The Toilet Tanks

Some people claim that placing bricks in the toilet tank can save water, but that information is absolutely false because keeping bricks can affect the flushing system of your tank. Another secret is to avoid using liquid drain cleaners because they are likely to eat away the pipes.

Location of Main Turnoff Source

People who usually contact drain cleaning companies have one common factor: they don’t know the location of their main turnoff source. In case of emergency or flooding, you must always know its location to prevent huge accidents or money waste.

Look Out for Long Hair

A house, where the majority is women, is always going to have hair clogged in drains or pipes. To prevent it, use drain strainer or hair snare, you can also use paper towels to take off the hair from the drain. Soap gum can also come in handy for the said purpose.

Don’t Use Harsh Drain Cleaners

To unclog the drain, we usually pour harsh chemicals which corrode pipes and its materials. However, another way of getting rid of clogged drains without damaging it is its weekly flushing. Use half cup baking soda with vinegar to make a solution, wait for approx. ten minutes after pouring it down into the drain and then finish up with four cups of hot water for best results.

Payment Tip

One of the most important things to keep in mind is the amount you are going to deliver. Always pay by the job and not because of the hours.

Replacing Toilet Handle

Toilet handle is one of the easiest fixes that could be done in no time. It only takes $4 to buy a new flap valve and fix it. However, if you want this task to be completed by a plumber, he’ll charge around $100 for just stepping into your house.

Be Your Own Plumber

Here is a little secret stolen from the drain cleaning companies that will definitely benefit you in the long run. All you have to do is keep the Allen wrench safely under the sink that usually arrives with garbage disposal. If your drain blocks, simply use the manual for direction and soon the water will start draining out smoothly. You don’t really a plumber now, do you?

Why Does Your Meter Billing Keep Increasing?

If your meter numbers don’t pause after turning off all the fixtures, then there is a good chance there might be a leakage inside the wall or worst, under flooring. If you don’t want to wait until it gets screwed up, avail the drain cleaning services for an instant fix.

Stop Hanging Things from Pipes

The last thing you would want to deal with is a basement flooded with water. If you want your basement pipes to keep working for the next decade at least, stop hanging things from exposed pipes, it could result in a massive disaster. Thanks to drain cleaning companies, for such amazing revelations.

Before turning to drain cleaning services, inspect for the things you can do to fix your problems yourself.

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