How To Clean A Chimney Without A Brush

If you have a fireplace, then a chimney is a must for you too. The soot and black smoke need an outlet. But chimneys are not an easy thing to take care of. This is why many homeowners let chimney cleaning services take care of their chimneys. Here are some ways by which you can clean your chimney without a brush.

Use A Vacuum Cleaner

The brush is an awesome tool to use if you want to clean your chimney and get rid of the thick layer of soot and smoke. Before going deep into the cleaning of the chimney, let’s find out why you need to clean your chimney and how it can get dirty. Your chimney is an outlet for the smoke. If you have a fireplace, then a chimney is a must have too.

A chimney is a small chute which goes up to your roof and you use it to expel the soot and smoke out from your room and house. Over time, soot and creosote can deposit on the walls of the chimney. The result is a black lining covering the inside walls of the chimney. You will need to clean it up otherwise, it can start to get clogged and you will need to call someone in to unclog it.

If you don’t have a brush to clean the walls of the chimney, then you can use a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner will help to suck out all of the dirt and debris from the walls of the chimney and to be honest, it cleans better than a brush, because of the extra vacuum support and suction ability. Just position the vacuum cleaner on the walls of your chimney and turn the cleaner on, it will start to suck off all of the black soot and deposits on the walls of the chimney and you will be left with a clean chimney and you don’t even have to use a brush.

This is a great hack if you don’t have a chimney brush handy. The only problem is that a vacuum cleaner can only reach so far, so it will not reach the top of the chimney, but it still works.

Use Newspaper

A newspaper is also a great tool to use to clean your chimney if you don’t have a brush handy and want to clean your chimney. You can take some newspaper and wrap it around a large stick which goes far enough inside the chimney.

You can start to swipe the newspaper back and forth and you will see the soot and black residue starting to fall off the walls of the chimney. It’s better than a vacuum cleaner because the stick can reach high up the ceiling of the chimney and it cleans effectively.

Use A Plastic Sheet

Similar to newspapers, you can also use a plastic sheet. If you don’t have a newspaper handy, then a plastic sheet will be perfect for the job. You can also tie it to a large stick or you can climb the roof and clean the chimney from the top using the plastic sheet. Plastic is more durable than newspaper because it doesn’t break and tear and it can be used again and again. Just wash it after each use and use it again the next time. Plastic also removes the residue effectively and foes a way better job than newspaper.

Use A Rag

Last but not least, you can also use a rag to clean the chimney. You can use it the same way as a newspaper or a plastic sheet and attach it to a long stick or you can clean the interior of your chimney and wood fireplace as you can reach easily through your hand and clean it with a rag that way. A rag is also a great way to clean a chimney because it is sturdier and it gives you more control of the cleaning. Use a dry cloth to scrub off creosote and you are good to go.


There you have it! A chimney can be easily cleaned by a brush and the results are just as amazing as any other cleaning method. Try it out and see for yourself. If you need a thoroughly cleaned chimney, hire a chimney sweep service Ellicott City.

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