Can You Tint Car Windows Over Factory Tint

Although most manufacturers offer factory tints on their vehicles, for some owners, it is not enough. May it be additional privacy or protection, people looking to do auto window tinting over factory tints remain a bit confused. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to discuss whether you can install additional tints over factory tints.

Difference Between Aftermarket And Factory Tints

Factory tints differ from aftermarket tints. If you are purchasing a used car, it might be difficult for you to notice whether the tints installed are factory or aftermarket. However, for the professionals, it is quite easy to spot. Factory tints cover the entire window, especially the corners. Since they are done by professionals, you will hardly notice any shortcomings.

Aftermarket tints on the other hand might not be installed equally especially when it comes to the corners. But if you get the job done by a certified professional, you will hardly notice any difference. Additionally, factory tints are according to the legal limits. These tints are more focused on blocking UV rays rather than offering privacy. Therefore, you cannot expect them to be extremely dark.

Although the factory tints do a splendid job in terms of protection, some car owners need more privacy. For this reason alone, they opt for additional tints over the factory tint. This is supposed to give a much darker shade not allowing anyone from the outside to peek inside.

Can I Install Aftermarket Tints?

Yes, you can. Installing aftermarket tints over factory tints is a normal practice around the globe. However, you should only hire a professional for the task. The reason being that factory tints are not replaceable. If someone was to scratch or damage them, the glass will be affected as well.

Therefore, a professional will handle the task with extreme precision and take his time to ensure quality work. Additionally, aftermarket tints need a bit of curing time as well. This means that you would not be able to roll down the windows for even weeks depending on the weather condition. Ignoring this factor has caused many car owners headaches down the road.

Are Aftermarket Tints Expensive?

Aftermarket tints are offered in several types. Depending on your budget and needs, you can opt for budget-friendly films or expensive ones like ceramic tints. The cost of the tints also has to do with their longevity. Comparatively high quality car window tints tend to last longer than cheaper tints. This is because these tints are specifically designed to stand the test of time and will never fade.

Can I Install Car Window Tints Myself?

Installing tints on a vehicle is no easy task. You need to have the right tools and products to ensure proper application. While installing tints, the biggest risk associated is with the windows. Even a slightly wrong move can scratch the window. Therefore, you should only try installing if you are aware of the basics.

Why Should I Install Aftermarket Tints?

Most vehicles come with only tinted rear windows. As a result, to balance the overall appeal of the vehicle, owners tend to install aftermarket tints. Installing aftermarket tints provides additional privacy and protection. However, you should not install another aftermarket tint over the existing one. If you wish to go darker, you need to completely peel off the previous film and then install a new one.

How Are Aftermarket Tints Installed?

Aftermarket tints are installed by first preparing the windows. The preparation process includes thoroughly cleaning the windows and measuring the car window dimensions. Once the windows are clean, the professional lays down the tint on the window and positions it perfectly while applying a solution. This allows him to slide the tint into the exact position. Next, the professional uses a cutter to cut the tint according to the window shape and then uses a heat gun to remove excess water.

Final Word

If you are planning to install aftermarket tints over factory tints, you need to comply with the rules and regulations. Additionally, to ensure that the windows are not hurt during the process, the tints should only be installed by certified window tint shops Springfield. It will ensure that your car window tints last longer and don’ turn yellow.

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