Helpful Car Tinted Windows Care Tips

Following car window tinting tips will help you to take better care of your cars.

Car Tinted Windows Care Tips

When you have to wash your car and clean car window tinting, you should park the car in the shade. The sunlight may cause liquids and cleaning agents dry quickly leaving stains on the windows. You can also use your garage but if you don’t have that, use a shade to wash your car. Make sure sunlight is not falling on your car while you park in a shade.

The windows of the car are the most visible parts. Any little scratch or damage to the windows can prove expensive. That is why car window cleaning is a bit tricky when it comes to cleaning. Many cars get auto car tinting and that also needs the same treatment. When you wash whole of your car, avoid windows so that no chemicals reach them.

This is also important when you have to sell your car and you don’t want to damage the tint and screen of the windows. Choose the chemicals carefully in order to get best results. Ammonia and such other chemicals are dangerous for auto glass tinting so consider the safety factor too.

What Causes Bad Tinting?

You should know the enemies of car window tinting. There are a number of things that cause bad or poor tinting and even lead to imperfection while cleaning the windows. We have mentioned ammonia. Other chemicals like this should be avoided in order to get the best results. You should not also use any blades, razors or tools with sharp edges that may cause cuts.

Tint Cleaning Supplies

The car window tint is a fine layer of probably plastic and it is very delicate. It cannot endure heat, high temperature and some chemicals. The piece of cloth used for cleaning should be fine and must not cause scratches. A gentle cleaning is the best way to wash the cars with auto glass tinting. You may need a chemical that is ammonia-free, a bucket, a fiber cloth and distilled water for the process. Gather all these necessary supplies before you start cleaning.

When you have collected your supplies for cleaning tinted windows, you can use multiple methods. The best way is to spray the chemical on the windows. Gently spray the cleaner on all dirty and clean tinted windows. You should then take the piece of cloth and make it wet. Use the wet cloth to wipe the chemical and create a fine layer of cleaned windows. Use the cloth carefully on auto glass tinting and don’t rub it.

It is not possible to get a fine clean layer after spraying the cleaner and car window cleaning it with the cloth. You will need to move the cloth again and again to remove deformities and irregularities. If you will just ignore them, they may look really bad on the window screens. Use your cloth gently and smoothly in order to get the same layer of the washing. This will make your tinted windows give the original looks.

Methods to Clean Tinted Windows

You may read online so much about how to clean tinted windows etc. However, we have listed three methods below that are best considered for safe cleaning of tinted windows.

  1. Natural Cleaning: This is the first method to clean car windows. For this method, you will not need any chemicals, tools or expensive detergents. This method is useful when there is not much dirt on the car windows. You will need a bucket of water, a spray bottle for water and a piece of cloth. Spray water on windows and clean with water.
  2. Glass Cleaner: There are many glass cleaners out there in the market. Choose your cleaner carefully so that it doesn’t affect the tinted windows. Spray the cleaner on windows and clean it with water.
  3. Dirty Windows: If you have windows that are very dirty and you may find it hard to clean them with water or glass cleaners, you can use this method. You will need dishwashing soap, a soft sponge, microfiber cloth and water. The method is same for all the three processes. Gently use the chemicals or soaps on and clean with wet cloth.

There you have it. Now you are an auto glass tinting springfield pro.

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