What You Should Know About HVAC Inspection Prior To Home Buying?

Buying a home is one of the biggest endeavors you will ever take on in your life, and therefore it is important to make sure you get everything right. One of the most important aspects of that is the HVAC system inspection with the help of HVAC contractors and here’s why it’s so important.

Your Heating and Air Conditioning System is About Half of Your Energy Bill

That’s right. Moving into a new home already involves plenty of expenses, and the last thing you want is to jack up your utility bills several folds by using the preinstalled heating and cooling system that came with the home when you first moved in, without any prior inspection.

Since the majority of the power expenses comes from keeping your home’s internal temperature regulated, let us assure you even a little bit of inefficiency in its working will be reflected onto the monthly bill.

Heating and Air Conditioning Systems Are the Most Expensive Appliances in Your Home

And there is a reason for that. No other appliance in your home covers as much area as the HVAC, which essentially not only regulates the internal temperature of your home, but also treats the air you breath and feel around you, both of which go a long way in ensuring the health and safety of your family.

This is why getting an inspection of the HVAC system is not only important on a regular basis, it is absolutely a must before moving into a new property with your family. This will also help diagnose any issues in the system before it becomes serious, as well as assure that the equipment lasts a long time with proper care.

HVAC Inspections Save You Both Money and Needless Frustration Down the Line

Seeing as your HVAC is one of the most important, most complex and most power hungry appliance in your home, any problems that arise in it out of the blue will not only cause you and your family needless frustration, especially when the weather outside is severe, it will also cost you an arm and a leg to get it repaired during the busy season on an emergency basis.

An inspection before moving into your home will help you single out any minor AC problems that need to be patched up so it doesn’t turn into a disaster for you later on.

The Average Home Inspection Does Not Include Detailed HVAC Testing

You may be thinking why do you need a professional HVAC inspection when the home inspector that visits your potential home purchase on your behalf checks the heating and cooling system running through the property, and that is a perfectly valid question.

The difference here is that while the home inspector only vaguely checks the furnaces and ducts to ensure there are no health hazards, along with all the other areas of your house, an HVAC inspector thoroughly examines the system inside out to make sure everything is in perfect condition, not just from a safety perspective, but operationally too.

How Much Should an HVAC Inspection Cost?

Depending on how big your new home is, a thorough HVAC inspection costs somewhere in the range of $150-200. Anything else and you are either looking at a fraudulent company or someone who doesn’t have the credentials to perform a proper inspection. Remember that just like a lot

Can I Do the HVAC Inspection on My Own?

Absolutely not! HVAC inspection requires proper certifications and training, and even if you think you know your way around electrical equipment, and HVAC is very different from the average appliance and requires a professional to handle it.

And this is why it is extremely important to invest in an HVAC inspection before moving into your new home. Remember that a home is a place of shelter not just for you but for your whole family, and therefore it is imperative that you leave no stone unturned in ensuring a comfortable accommodation for the occupants. A little bit of initial investment will save you a lot of money in the long run, not to mention bring time savings and avoid unnecessary hassle related to your heating and cooling concerns. One thing you should always make sure is to do ample research before signing any long-term contracts with an AC repair service VA.

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