What To Eat To Stop Hair Fall Immediately

Hair fall is the biggest fear of the majority of the people, which shows why people with baldness rush to hair transplant clinics. Hair fall can be due to many reasons. One of the biggest reasons for hair fall is not having a good and healthy diet. Diet matters a lot in keeping your hair healthy and preventing it from falling.

How Does Diet Help?

You might be thinking that how can something like a healthy diet promote better hair growth and less hair fall? Well, having a balanced and nutritious diet, helps your hair to repair from the inside. You could be following the world’s most expensive and tried-and-tested hair regime, but if you are not nourishing your body from the inside, then these external hair care products can only do so much for you.

Different foods contain different nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which help your hair to get stronger and prevent breakage. They also make the hair look healthy and energized.

Here is a list of foods, vegetables and fruits that you should start to incorporate into your diet to get healthier and stronger hair.


Eggs are nature’s best food. Eggs are full of proteins and nutrients which help you to build muscle, as well as strengthen your hair. Yes, you heard it right! Eggs are the richest source of protein and our hair needs a substantial amount of protein to prevent it from breaking.

Eggs strengthen the hair from the inside. It is suggested that you at least consume two eggs a day. This should be a key part of your balanced diet. You will see the difference in a couple of weeks, your hair will feel stronger and the amount of hair you lose every single day on your hair brush will be significantly less. You know what they say: Two eggs a day, keeps the hair fall at bay”.


This food is a no-brainer. Spinach is not only good for keeping your iron levels up, but it is super nutritious for your hair as well. Leafy greens like spinach, is best if it is eaten raw. One great way to incorporate raw spinach in your diet is by making green smoothies. Green smoothies are the best thing ever invented. Green smoothies can increase your vegetable intake by many folds.

You can never imagine how much greens you can chug down, in a green smoothie. Incorporating as much greens as you can, is a great way to pave the path towards better and stronger hair. As mentioned previously, spinach is a great source of iron. You might not know that one of the main causes of extreme hair fall is due to iron deficiency. Spinach boosts your iron levels and it will help to promote better hair growth as well.


If you want to make your hair stronger and if you are a die-hard fan of dry fruits, then this will food will be your favorite. Walnuts are a rich source of a lot of vitamins, namely, B6, B1 and B9. Not only this, walnuts are magnesium-rich as well. These vitamins and magnesium helps to nourish your scalp, keeps it moisturized and prevents dandruff as well. This dry fruit is simply a wonderful packet filled with amazing nutrients for your hair.


This lovely, vibrant and tasty vegetable packs a punch for your hair. Carrots are filled with vitamin A, which is not only good for your eyesight, but it works wonders for your hair. Vitamin A is a natural conditioner and hair softener. It makes your hair smooth, and prevents dandruff as well.


Sweet in taste, cheerful in color and filled with amazing stuff for you; berries are wonderful for your hair and skin. Berries are the factory of antioxidants. Antioxidants help your hair to become stronger by fighting free radicals, which means your hair will be bulletproof against any sort of environmental damage. Berries also contain a substance called collagen. Collagen helps your hair to be stronger… and collagen is a protein which your hair is also made up of. You can incorporate berries in your salads, smoothies or eat them as is, because they taste amazing, nonetheless.

The above foods can slow down hair loss. However, if your hair loss is already noticeable, look for affordable hair transplantation to make it go. Good luck!

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