What Happens To A Tree When The Top Breaks Off

Trees often have to bear the brunt of extreme weather conditions. As a result, they can end up with stripped barks, shredded foliage, broken top, etc. In such cases, one wonders if the tree can survive or needs to be brought down by tree storm damage removal services. Even though a tree with a broken top is less likely to survive but you can manage to save it. Let’s discuss how.

Will A Tree Die If The Top Breaks Off?

Sometimes, the damage to a tree can be worst to the extent that its top breaks off. However, that does not mean the tree will necessarily die. Sometimes, a tree produces more leaves and branches on the upper broken part to make up for the food-producing leaves that were at the top. Plus, it can also speed up the process of developing roots to help provide enough nutrients to somehow make it survive.

In addition to that, if the tree is given proper care and attention, it can develop new branches and leaves and even a flourishing crown.  On the other hand, some trees with tops broken off simply die. This is because the tree is exposed to pests and rotting. On top of that, the trauma of losing its major food-producing parts reduces the chances of survival.

The question of whether a tree will survive after breaking its top depends on the type and age of the tree. It will require a huge amount of effort and time to look after the tree to prevent external factors from further influencing its chances of survival.

Can The Top Of A Tree Grow Back?

Yes, if the tree is given appropriate care, attention, and nutrition, the chances of survival increase manifolds. The tree will eventually develop and produce branches and leaves to help compensate for the loss of food-producing parts. However, this process can take several years.

Furthermore, if the tree is already weak and is struggling to survive due to some disease, the top breaking off will lead cause it to die. This is because the tree will not be able to meet its food and nutrition demands. Moreover, if the tree is ignored and exposed to rotting, moisture, and pests, then you simply have no chance of bringing it back to life.

Why Is Topping Bad For Trees?

Even though topping is a fairly common practice around the world but is highly discouraged as some tree owners don’t consider it a good option. As a result, the chances of the tree being damaged due to extreme weather conditions are going to be far less. However, the result is the opposite. When the tree is topped, it goes into an emergency mode where it tries to compensate for the loss of foliage and limbs. That said, the resulting branches or leaves come out weak, leaving the tree even more susceptible to damage.

Additionally, when you top off a tree, you are not injuring it. You are basically robbing it of its major food-producing parts that will eventually lead the tree to starvation. In most cases, this massive blow leads to tree death and you would need to cut down the tree.

Moving on, it is also a common belief among tree owners that topping a tree will make it easier to maintain. Trees that regularly shed leaves trigger owners to simply top them off. Unfortunately, instead of making it easier, the tree is led to its death. This is because the leaves and twigs produced as a result tend to be weak and will fall off. So, cutting a tree’s top is not a good idea.

In such cases, where a tree lingers between life and death, you should consult an arborist as soon as possible. Your tree will need special attention and care to help make recovery. But if you take too long, do not be surprised if the tree fails to respond.

Final Word

When a top of a tree breaks off, it will either die or manage to survive depending on the intensity of the damage as well as care and attention. This is a relatively tough situation, which calls for an arborist to look after the tree until it fully recovers or emergency tree services Chevy Chase to remove the tree.

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