What are the common materials uses for kitchen counter tops?

Kitchen counter top is a horizontal workplace found in kitchens for the preparation of food. Kitchen countertops are often supported by cabinets.  Its height is so adjusted that it becomes easy for carrying out various tasks involved in food preparation like cutting of vegetables, cooking of food etc.  Though quartz kitchen countertops are very common and popular these days there are many materials which are also regularly used for constructing the counter tops depending upon the attributes like functionality, aesthetics, durability, cost etc. Some of the most common materials which are used for making kitchen counter tops are discussed below.

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Granite: For people who do not find difficult to spend more money for making their kitchen counter top beautiful, granite is often the most suitable material. Granite is an elegant material for using as kitchen countertop. Even in moderate kitchens if granite is used it adds beauty and grandeur to the kitchen. In olden times granite was considered as a very expensive material. As its use started increasing the prices have come down considerably and now it is almost comparable with other kitchen top materials.

Soap stone:   Soap stone is another natural material that gives a silky feel. It is commonly used for countertops in kitchens.  It has recently resurged as an alternative to granite. This stone was usually seen in historic homes and lately it is seen widely used in modern houses also. It is also used as sink material. Overtime it takes an antique patina which is very attractive in kitchen atmosphere. These are quite hard as well as stain resistant.  Though it scratches overtime it only adds to the antique like appearance of the kitchen counter top.

Marble: Marble is another natural stone used in kitchens as countertops. As they are different in appearance each marble counter top will be having unique appearance and attraction.    It is usually very high in price and because of its high price it is often used on a section of the kitchen counter tops which are reserved for baking purposes. Though it is high priced, marble is not often considered as suitable for kitchen tops because of the possibility of frequent scratching and staining.  But marble is considered as more temperamental than soapstone or granite.

Solid surface material:  Solid surface materials like Corian, Avonite, Swanstone etc are man-made materials which are blends of acrylic particles combined with resins that are pressed and sheets formed.  This type of material had been in use for around 50 years for countertops as well as sinks. These materials are considered as space-age substitutes of natural stone. It is usually considered as a mid-tier excellent choice as kitchen counter top material.

Ceramic tile: Another commonly used material for kitchen tops are ceramic tiles which are durable, less expensive and easy to clean.  This material is very good and suitable for do it yourself parties. Many design options are recently available in ceramic tiles including tiles that look similar to wood, marble, leather etc. Ceramic and porcelain tiles offer more design options than available in all other materials used for kitchen counter top.

Laminates:  There are numerous trade-marks that provide laminated or plastic-coated synthetics which are easy to clean and are having smooth surface. These countertops are made by laminated sheets and particle boards blending together. They can be purchased as ready-made or custom-made. Due to retro designs they are becoming popular in modern kitchens.

Quartz: Quartz in an engineered material containing 93 % quartz and remaining portion of the material is comprised of other minerals. They are shaped into the required size and shape with the help of resins and a trained quartz installer NC will be able to install in the proper manner so that it adds to the attractiveness and usefulness of your kitchen. They are available in more colours than granite and their non porous surfaces. They are resistant to scratches and stains.  Some of them look like copies of marble slabs with similar veining. Annual sealing is required for engineered quartz. Using same technology, similar counter tops are now available with recycled glass blended using resins and shaped suitable to use as kitchen counter tops. Consumers who are keen on cutting edge technologies may opt for quartz as well as glass counter tops.

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