What Are The Challenges Students Face In School

Adults may not understand it but as a student, children may face many problems in school. Many times, parents and teachers disregard student life challenges considering them as not important. These problems and challenges may affect the adulthood of the children later on in life as they are not ready to tackle the inhibitions and school problems that come along. They are fragile and inexperienced and facing problems may lead to them becoming victims of anxiety, depression and even addition.

Education system challenges

Problems are a part and parcel of life and one should deal with it properly and face them and defeat those problems. In the case of students’ challenges, parents and teachers should be there for them, support them and should teach them to fight their demons and find solutions. Below are some of the common school problems faced by students.

Challenges faced by students

  1. Competition

The first and foremost challenge faced by school students is competition. This competition is mostly in grades and studies. This competition to become the best can be destructive for children. Some children have natural abilities and are god gifted learners, while some are slow learners. Every child has different capabilities and stamina, some are good at one subject while some in another subject. This does not mean that a child who does not attain good grades is not better off but he might be good in something else. This constant competition to get better than the rest will lead to extreme stress and anxiety. Let the children do according to their talents and capabilities and not beyond that.

  1. Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is a widely spreading problem faced by school students. The term peer pressure means to follow your peers or your elders or siblings and doing what they want you to do and what they like and leaving your likes for their likes. It is basically sacrificing your passions and career choices for the future and accepting what your peers what you to do.

Sometimes the peers are your parents, such as you want to become an artist but your father and mother want you to become a doctor. Or your siblings are engineers and the society want you to follow suit whereas you want to become a teacher or pilot. Your happiness and your life depend on your future and career and if the career is not according to your choice then you will not be happy later on and will be depressed. In order to become successful in life, you should do what you prefer and like.

  1. Bullying

Bullying is the biggest problem faced by school students these days. There are many cases where bullying has led to extreme depression, trauma, and even suicide. Bullying has serious repercussions later on in life. You cannot change the way you look or are born, such as some are born dark, some have albino skin, some are fat or extremely skinny, while some stammer while talking or some have some sort of diseases.

Whatever the reason, one should never resort to bullying of any sort. Seniors or other kids constantly bully school children by making fun of them or calling out names. Some students take the bullying to their heart and constantly think about it. Children should discuss the bullying instantly with their teachers or parents and complain to them. Parents and teachers, on the other hand, should immediately take action if they find any activity of this sort and should communicate with their children and students.

  1. Financial Issues

Children come to school form all sorts of different backgrounds. Some children come from well off families while some are struggling to make their ends meet. Whether rich or not, all children deserve to get equal education and should not disregard from their educational rights. The children of rich parents come to school carrying designer backpacks and accessories and show off their gadgets and other stuff. While the poor kids would just look at all stuff the rich children carry and feel low and inferior. A school has many outings and field trips and poor children also feel really down if they are not able to pay for field trips and outings. The financial instability is one of the biggest students’ challenges in the world today.

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