Types Of Air Conditioning Systems

Human beings are not resistant to extreme temperatures; therefore, they need to control their environment around by maintain the air temperatures. Heating and cooling systems are normally utilized around the globe. However, some of the most effective air-conditioning or cooling systems are listed below. You can choose your desired cooling system according to the need and demand of your living place. We also encourage you to talk with your AC contractor.

Central Air Conditioning System

Large public buildings, shopping malls, hotels and other important public-sector structures utilize this type of conditioning systems. According to AC contractors, central cooling system comprises of a main air conditioning plant that is installed at a specific location on the building and the treated air is supplied to the rooms, halls, corridors via air conditioning ducts and pipes fitted in walls or roofs. Central air conditioning system requires proper planning and maintenance for effective operations. It operates on high current and voltage values and needs monitoring and technical assistance. Central air conditioning systems are very expensive to install but the overall efficiency of the system is quite good if you do not fail to maintain the duct and line losses.

Split Air Conditioning Systems

This type of cooling system is preferable for domestic usage or for individual rooms. It consists of an outdoor and an indoor unit. Indoor unit supplies and blows the air in to the room while the outdoor unit condition and cools the air to the desired temperature. Split air conditioning systems do not require viaducts or long pipes for their operations and do not require as much maintenance as the central air conditioning systems do. Split air conditioner once installed doesn’t need any technical monitoring until and unless there is some malfunction.

Window Air-Conditioners

It is sometimes regarded as the conventional means of air conditioning. It is one unit air conditioning system that is installed with its air blowing side inside the room and the outward blower at the other outer-side of the building. Window air conditioners are more energy consuming than the split air conditioners. Window air conditioners require more space for installation; you have to make a big hole in the wall to fit the air conditioning unit.

Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners are the ones which can be transported easily to multiple locations. These are modern type window air conditioners. Potable air conditioners need continuous supply of high voltage electrical power for their operations. These systems are normally utilized in outdoor functions, ceremonies and large public gatherings for a specific period of time. They are generally called chillers or portable ACs. Portable air-conditioners are normally available on commercial basis for outdoor functions, they are not utilized for domestic purposes or large scale uses. That’s why only professional AC contractors should manage their transportation and AC repair.

Hybrid Air-Conditioner

Hybrid air conditioners choose effective energy systems between fossil fuels and electrical power inputs. Hybrid air conditioners are the most effective type of air conditioning systems that can help you out in keeping your atmosphere cool with effective use of energy resources. Also, Hybrid AC repair Port Jefferson is convenient enough.

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