Some important ways to make your application stand out in online job search

Online jobs searches are competitive, no doubt in it.  You have to send dozens of resumes online not to get lost in the wilderness. As there is no chance of a face to face interview or meeting in the initial days it always will be a challenge to establish a good first impression which has to last long. But this should never dishearten you or you should never give up your online search for job. In this modern world there are enough opportunities and advantages to your online job applications and so you need to make your application stand out.  Let us see how this can be achieved.

Looking jobs online

In the very fast world of online recruitment you will get only six seconds during which period you will have to create the lasting first impression, lest your application will be placed in rejection pile. For this your resume should be easily readable with bullet points and concise headings. This means that your recruiter should be able to judge your character, work practices and professional experience all within this short period without even meeting you personally for  a minute at all.     This can be achieved only if your resume is filled with all the relevant information as in a nut shell. Detailed explanations, if necessary, can be given at the time of interview.

Personalized cover letter

The cover letter should be perfect and specific to the business you are applying for job as if you are the next person to be hired.  Do not always start your resume with the common start line like” i wish to apply for the position because the first few word or lines are the most important ones  that is going to be read by the members of the interview board. From the very first sentence, try to establish a clear direction and voice. Deviate from the normal and create a dialogue that will clearly indicate your knowledge and expertise in the field related to the job you are applying for.

Let facts back your contention

Explain clearly how long you have been in the field and what are your core skills that make you suitable for the job you have applied for. As hiring manages are looking for real skill or ability a case study format will be apt for your resume.  Do not go on elaborating how you have been able to transform the customer experience. But just clearly explain that you have been responsible for the growth in customer acquisition experienced by your previous company. Numerical figures of increase can be submitted while scanning the documents. If you can provide a testimonial from the stakeholder as a backup for your explanation, it will be really good. Make sure that your achievements have been put forward correctly and you take the responsibility of the established or noticed growth.

Social media presence

Depending upon the industry you had been engaged in the past, it will be better if you can create a catalogue of your best works and achievements.   This can be a freelancer blog or your professional social media presence which has got recorded evidence. This will be   a good starting point and will help you to keep control of the content.  A candidate applying for media communication jobs has to be familiar with online content and digital platforms. Before you hit the send button make sure that all the media presence and pages have been included tactfully in your resume.

Find you keywords very carefully

Hiring managers use keyword search as an invaluable tool to search through the date base and find out the most suitable candidates. In this way the candidates who are not professional enough or the keywords of whom are not able to pass the keyword search are eliminated by the selection committee. Always use the correct industry language so that your application catches the attention of the industry experts or the recruitment board. Always include your credentials, skills, software knowledge,  titles etc to ensure  every possibility  of being selected to the post applied for.

Use positive tone

Everywhere in the application tone of your language has to be positive and upbeat.    The good vibes projected by your online resume will attract the attention of the hiring manager. If you do not believe that you deserve the job then why should they believe?

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