Some important skin diseases and its treatment options

As skin is the outer shell of human body, it has to put up with a lot of harmful elements like infection, chemicals, cuts, sunlight etc. Skin problems starts form cradle cap in the newborns and it reaches up to age spots in elders.  Some of the important skin problems and their existing treatment options are discussed in this article.


Acne vulgaris is a skin disease that occurs as a result of clogging of hair follicles with dead skin cells and oil. It is characterized by pimples, oily skin and scarring.  The area of the skin with relatively higher number of oil glands is usually affected by acne. Reduced self esteem, anxiety and depression are usually followed by acne. Using of over the counter medicines like benzoyl-peroxide twice daily has been found to be very effective in controlling acne.


Sunburns are caused as a result of over exposure to ultraviolet radiations in the sun light. Hot reddish skin, pain, mild dizziness and general fatigue are the common symptoms of sun burn. Sun burn usually occurs when exposed to hot sun for 15 minutes or within a few seconds when exposed direct to UV lights without any shields. Risk of skin cancer is increased three times in the case of sun burn. Over the counter medication like hydrocortisone cream will be helpful in relieving the symptoms like pain, itches, swelling etc. Applying cool milk with a clean turkey towel over the sunburned skin also has been found to be very useful.


This is a long-term skin disease that results in swelling, pimples, redness, pain etc often in nose, cheeks, forehead etc. In severe cases an elongated and reddish nose is produced and this is known as rhinophyma.  Cause of this disease is not known. Heat, sunlight, exercise, spicy food, alcohol etc have been found to increase the symptoms and difficulties. There are some antibiotics which are generally prescribed by skin specialists. But these are useful for a short while only and the redness and connected symptoms re-appear without much delay. In some cases permanent remission is found after a few months treatment. If left untreated the symptoms may worsen over time.


Eczema is one of the major skin diseases with  32 million Americans assufferers. People with eczema keep of scratching as they feel itchy sensation. It reddens the skin and makes it swell, scale or thicken. Patients of eczema find it difficult to sleep or concentrate in daily activities of life and keep on itching constantly. Stress and  dry climatic conditions can increase the symptoms.  Topical steroid creams like corticosteroids, massages, hypnotherapy, acupuncture phototherapy, antihistamines etc have often been found to be very effective in controlling this disease.

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