Roof Repair Myths Busted

There are many myths when it comes to roofers, roof repairs and roof installations. The sad thing is that people who spread the myths, either do so because of sheer ignorance or because of the fact that they never underwent a roof repair themselves.

Roofing Myths

Have a read, have a laugh and most importantly become aware.

Myth 1: Skills of a roofing company are important than certification

No doubt, skills are important but that is no way to let yourself get dodged. Maybe the company is a scam and is not licensed to operate, but then why is it operating in your region? Similarly, go for a ‘Roof maintenance program’ as it supports the paperwork should you require the need of filing an insurance claim.

Be aware of scammers and always ask for required credentials to check the authenticity of a company.

Myth 2: DIY roof installation methods are the best

While it is true that you can inform yourself through the internet and informative video tutorials, know that you are not a professional and that without experience, problems can be made by you when it comes to installation.

While self-installed roofs may prove effective in the shorter run, sooner or later you are bound to call an experienced person who will fix periodic leakages, cracks and questionable whatnots. In the process of DIY roof fixing, you can even hurt yourself. Why take an avoidable risk?

Why not hire professional roof repair contractors in the first place and save your cash?

Myth 3: Roofers are expensive

Not all roofers are same. With so many companies, the world of roof repair contractors is experiencing competition so companies are offering lucrative rates to their customers.

For best results, contact different companies and ask the pricing plan, used materials and the time they will take to finish the rooftop. Compare the rates and profiles of 2 – 3 companies before making a final decision.

Myth 4: Roofing products are expensive

Again, there are different companies which are making roofing products so, spend some time in the market and get to know their products, along with pricing.

A common example is that asphalt shingles are cheaper as compared to wood and metallic roofs and not all asphalt shingles are same.

Get to know to product before believing in a myth.

Myth 5: You can just add a new layer

While it may appear as a quick fix, know that most of the times, there is a core issue underneath the main layer which is becoming a source of all your troubles.

When you install a new layer, it just acts a supportive base, at least, for some time but what about after that?

For complete removal of a problem, it is always best to contact professional roof repair contractors.

Myth 6: All asphalt shingles are the same

This is completely untrue as the preparation of asphalt shingles depend upon the ingredients and the method used to prepare the final product.

Some people also think that the cheapest asphalt shingles are worthless. This is again illogical as price is not a correct pointer to indicate the quality of a shingle.

Myth 7: It takes forever to install a roof

Roof installation and roof repair both seem daunting, but once you make up your mind, everything gets easier. You may think that it would be weeks before a new roof can be installed but you would be surprised to know that depending upon the size of your house, re-roofing can be done in 1-2 days.

Myth 8: All roof operating procedures are noisy

While some may require the sheer sound of hammer, other roof operating procedures are not loud. There are no significant loud noises when it comes to placing shingles or coating a solution. The only important thing is that you have to understand that retreating from a problem, just because of some noise is no way to make you suffer.

One can always wear headphones while periodically checking upon the progress of roof repair contractors.

Myth 9: All roofers can equally fix a roof after a storm

Get the example of health profession. There are doctors and there are quacks. While some people may ‘pretend’ (some do without even a standard license) to flawlessly fix your roof, know that they themselves are newcomers in this profession.

Always ask credentials and past work experience when giving roof repair contractors, a job to fix.

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