Pros And Cons Of Hair Transplantation

For most people their hair is the main feature for their self-esteem and confidence, when they start losing their hair they not only lose the hair but their confidence as well, there may be many reasons for hair loss, according to the hair transplantation doctors the most common reason is stress, people don’t really appreciate the fact that stress can alter our body drastically, affect our appetite, our moods and obviously our hair line. Other causes may be, illness like cancer, medications, and steroids, or it can just be genetic.

Hair loss is common in men more than it’s in women, but that doesn’t mean that women don’t suffer hair loss. They do, but they have more options than men, like extensions and such. Men on the other hand, have very limited options to overcome male baldness. The best hair transplant centers provide surgeries for both male and female patients.

The Procedure of Hair Transplantation

The treatment is surgical, and it’s done under the influence of local anesthesia. Hair from the donor part is moved to the bald part. The surgery is permanent and the hair after the surgery look natural as they are the actual hair of the patient. The transplant is successful for eyebrows, eye lashes and pubic hairs too. The most frequent loss of hair occurs on the head of the body, according to the hair transplantation doctors of the best transplant centers of the country.

The procedure isn’t for everyone; the person needs to have a stable pattern before thinking about the transplantation procedure. You also need to sit with the hair transplantation doctors to understand the procedure and have them study the donor and recipient part before concluding whether the surgery is for you or not.

So, what are the pros and cons of this treatment and are the pros more worth enough to ignore the cons, let’s get the clear view shall we?

Pros of Hair Transplantation

  1. It’s the most permanent solution you can ask for; it works magic with male baldness as well as thinning hair of women.
  2. It’s better than taking medicines as they take longer to work and they also cost more than the actual treatment, and they don’t last long, the treatment is a lifetime long lasting procedure that will helps you gain that thinning hair back and keep them there.
  3. The hair you get as a result of this treatment are all natural looking, where as other accessories like wigs and such may not look natural at all
  4. Huge success rate has been logged about the treatment, as the follicles extract are taken from the patient itself, there is very little chance of rejection and the final result is next to perfect leaving a very little scar that almost hard to see even with a bald head.

Cons of Hair Transplant Surgery

  1. Surgery is a word that scares most people, and the fact that hair transplant is a surgical people, most people don’t opt for it, since it’s done under local anesthesia there is no pain or recollection of the actual surgery but nine the less people are afraid of getting a surgery even if it’s a minor one.
  2. There are minor but pretty common temporary side effects too, after the surgery. Most of them include itchy scalp, infection and scalp swelling.
  3. There have been cases where the transplanted hair has been rejected and they fall off, it’s not very common but it has happened.
  4. In some cases, the follicles dry off, before the hair reproduce; this results in small bumps on the scalp.
  5. The surgery leaves behind a telltale scar.
  6. Sever bleeding has also been noted in some cases that is due to infections but it can be controlled and cure by antibiotics and ointments prescribed by the doctors.
  7. Along with the scalp swelling there is also scalp numbness, the swell recedes in days but the numbness can take up to six months to end.
  8. Knowing the pros and cons make it easier to decide whether to go for the procedure or not, it’s always better to be prepared than have no knowledge at all, but it’s not the only thing, you should always consult with hair transplantation doctors and seek the best hair transplant centers.

It may seem that cons outweigh the pros, but give the advent in technology and the experience of the doctor, most surgeries are successful and the patients are glad about it.

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