Planning an outdoor fireplace for your house

Are you trying to plan an outdoor fireplace for your house? Well, outdoor fireplaces are a wonderful addition to your house, as it offers you and your family a comfortable place to relax around. However, outdoor fireplaces are not easy to build. Hence, you need to talk to reliable outdoor fireplace builders only and avoid the rookie ones.

In case you are getting one built for the first time, planning it all out can be a little overwhelming. This is because outdoor fireplaces come in a wide variety of materials and styles. Furthermore, you must also keep a keen eye on your budget and space. All in all, the fireplace should not really look out of place on your outdoor patio. Rather, it should blend in just well in order to preserve the aesthetics of your house.

How to plan an outdoor fireplace?

If you are facing difficulties in planning an outdoor fireplace for your house, this article will help you out.

A fire pit or a fireplace?

If you want to enjoy fire outside, you have a range of different options. Among these, fireplaces and fire pits are the most common. Chances are that you may already be confused between the two. So, which one is good for you?

Well, outdoor fireplaces can be designed in a way so as to block unsightly views, provide privacy, and give your yard a statement. However, the downside is that they end up taking more space and cost more. Furthermore, in fireplaces, seating is only limited in one side.

In comparison, fire pit is more casual. Hence, it is less expensive to build. However, it is less safe as compared to fireplaces, especially if you have kids around.

As far as outdoor patio fireplaces go, you can get them custom built. They can also be portable. Though, it is important to remember that custom fireplaces are far more expensive as compared to permanent on-ground fireplaces.

In case you have a smaller budget, then a fire pit is more suitable for you. In this regard, a portable fire-pit may be even better in terms of the functionality.

The purpose of outdoor fireplaces

Fireplaces offer your family, friends, and yourself a great place to enjoy in the backyard. You could cook near it, chat with friends, or simply enjoy an afternoon tea.

In case you also plan to cook around the fireplace, you will have to install a separate space which stores the cooking utensils. With that, a permanent sink or washing source will also be needed around the fireplace.

Moreover, make sure that the fireplace is roofed so that direct sunlight and rain does not fall on it. This way, your fireplace will remain safe from external elements such as UV rays. At the same time, do not forget to cover its opening with a fire-resistant and durable material for added safety. This is especially important if there are kids in your family. Also, it will provide safety to the outdoor animals like stray cats and birds.

These are all of the points that you need to remember when planning an outdoor fireplace in your house.


Outdoor fireplaces are usually built on top of a patio outdoors. So, always make sure that it blends with the surroundings and does not look off from an aesthetic point of view. In case you want your fireplace to be built of tough stone, you must talk to stone veneer contractors. Though, mind the fact that you must always reach out to experienced and reliable professionals. Outdoor fireplaces are very technical. Hence, only an expert will be able to get them right! Lagrass

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