How to obtain best results in trimming and pruning?

When you see tree cutting professional pruning trees and shrubs on large scale easily, you may think it is a very easy job which can be done by anybody with good physique and some tools used for this purpose. But in reality it is not so. It is not just cutting here and there. It needs skill, training and knowledge about various aspects related to this subject.  Some small tasks in this regard can be done by you using saws and pruners. Most of the work in this regard is done by professional tree pruning companies.  But major works in pruning are often done by professionals. What portions are to be cut, when is the time to cut and how much to cut are very important matters which can be decided only by professionals in this field. Though the words trimming and pruning are used interchangeably they have some subtle differences. Trimming is intended to provide grooming to the growing plant while pruning is done for the safety of the tree as well as the living beings and structures near it.

Tree Care classifications

Trimming: Trimming refers to the act of cutting of the tree to enhance it appearance. It is also known as fine pruning

Standard pruning: Standard pruning refers to the cutting of the tree branches with an intention to improve the structure of the tree.

Safety pruning: In this type of pruning branches of a tree are removed considering the safety aspects of the people living in the building

Crown reduction: Crowing refers to the act of removing the sides or tops of the trees. This is done remove the hindrance to power lines or cable lines. It helps sunlight and air to reach inner branches.

Tree Pruning the right way

When trimming and pruning are done by professionals it is guaranteed that the work is done efficiently and correctly. When you do it yourself try to avoid using climbing spurs as it can damage the barks and trunks of the tree. Make sure that the barks at the edges cut for pruning are attached to the trunk firmly.  When heavy branches are cut, make sure that bark is not tearing or splitting. Also take care to use ropes to lower the cut branches and do not throw them to the ground.

Tree Pruning the right time

Time for pruning is determined by the type of trees you are having. Spring is the blooming time of flowering trees.  Therefore they can be trimmed soon after the flowering is over. Trees which flower during summer can be pruned in the beginning of the spring. Pruning fruit bearing trees during the last days of winter is helpful in giving them shape.  This will also allow sunlight to enter the center of the tree.

Tree Pruning and trimming form experts

Pruning and trimming is not as easy as it appears. If done without proper tools and equipment it can lead to accidents. When it is done by the house owner itself be sure to fasten yourself tightly to the tree branch at least at two secure points. Arrange a Tree services md attendant for raising the cutting tools to you. Always use safety glasses, gloves, and a hard hat.

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