How To Maintain Your Chimney And Fireplace

Chimney and fireplace give you great comfort in the winter season. Defined places in-house and the room can prevent you from many issues and trouble, but beside this, chimney cleaning is also a requirement.

Things to know about chimney and fireplace cleaning

Here, we enlisted informative ideas for chimney sweep so that you can easily enjoy your winter season.

  1. Seasonal Cleaning

Seasonal cleaning is an essential requirement, but more before this clean it every time before burning. It makes the wood burn efficiently in a short period and produces less smoke that is also an important thing to keep in mind.

  1. Ash

Ash is produced in the result of burning coal and wood. It should be inspected regularly after one or two days. The amount of ash should not exceed in much amount (should less than 2 inches) as it will not let the fire to burn and also harm the chimney and fireplace. At the end of the cold season make sure that you had done chimney cleaning task properly.

  1. Fire Stains/Smoke Strains Removal

Fire stains are produced during burning of coal or wood in the fireplace. It’s not only harming your chimney but also gives a lousy look to your bedroom and sitting place. You have to make it clean by using chimney cleaning or other cleaning sprays.

After applying sprays, the stains become soft than rub them off with a dry cloth. Don’t forget that the chimney sweep can increase the life of chimney.

  1. Stubborn Stains

The stubborn stains are as per their name, i.e. challenging to remove. You have to do something more than the removal of fire strains. These stains can be removed if some adhesive chemical is applied to them. Keep following the necessary precautions while using it.

  1. Thorough Inspection

Chimneys not only required inside care and cleaning but also check from outside. The different atmosphere has a disparate impact on things that are in contact with the atmosphere. Inspecting the chimney from outside with much attention is indeed essential. You need to:

  • Check whether that mortar of chimney is in a position or not.
  • Check the sides of the chimney is touching with the roof is watertight and must be well sealed.
  • You can contact professionals to examine and chimney cleaning too.
  • Take necessary measures after inspection.
  1. Chimney Caps

Chimney and fireplaces open in the outer space. It also required that your fireplace should be well covered with metal mesh so that it can allow the smoke to pass but can resist against any bird, squirrels, and animal-like a cat to get inside of the chimney. You may use chimney caps to cover it which can also prevent rain not to pass through it.

  1. Old Damper Replacements

Inspect the dampers regularly. If the damper wears out, then you should replace it as soon as possible. It can be a source of lost in heat.

  1. Use Wood to Burn

Different materials are used in the fireplace to consume and produce heat. All have the same objective that gives you warmth and comfort. Use only wood instead of using gas and coal. Using wood burning fireplace is not only keep your chimney in good condition, but it also releases less content of carbon dioxide and carbon mono oxide.

  1. Use the Right Tools for Cleaning and Maintenance:

Cleaning is the essential thing in the maintenance of anything. Before starting chimney, cleaning make sure to have the right tools. It not only helps you to work efficiently but also let you achieve your goals in a better way in much less time. Use long handle noodle brush, chimney sweep, dry clothes, and stain or chimney cleaning sprays.

  1. Contact Professionals

Professionals always think different and better than a layman person. They had better plans and are qualified in their jobs. You can also clean chimney, but a professional can do it in better and most effective way that not only increase chimney performance but also can increase the lifespan of chimney without any harm to another part of the house.

These are all most informative and helpful ideas for a chimney sweep ellicott city and chimney cleaning. By following these ideas, you can help to maintain chimney in a better way.

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