How To Keep Your Walk In Cooler In Optimum Condition

Commercial appliances repair is a tedious job. Not only this, but it also takes a toll on your pocket. No matter how tedious it is, it still is important. Whether you are a restaurant owner or that of a supermarket or a convenience store, walk in cooler is an important part of your business. Thus, it should be well maintained to the extent that it does not require frequent walk in cooler repair.

Walk in cooler repair

Here are a few tips to keep your walk in cooler in optimum condition in order to escape commercial appliances repair or contacting a walk in cooler repair.

Walk in cooler maintenance tips

  1. Keep the Door Closed When Not Using

Always keep the door closed when you are not using it. Avoid propping the door open or blocking it for a long period of time as it reduces the temperature significantly. Keep it closed unless you are entering or exiting the walk in cooler.

  1. Get Rid of Torn Gaskets

Torn gaskets allow warm air to pass which causes the cooler work harder.

  1. Don’t Stack Things Atop

If you store things on top of your equipment, the ceiling panels will be damaged by excessive weight. However, it depends upon how much weight you are stacking on the top. It still is better to store on other areas and let the top be clear. Also, if you keep your cooler outside, then clean the top as occasionally and look out for the debris as you do for your house’s roof.

  1. Do Annual Cleaning

Clean out the drain lines every year as they become clogged over time. You can hire the services of a technician to make sure that the drain lines are free of build-up.

  1. Turn Off the Lights When the Cooler Is Not in Use

This is a general habit of many people. However, they need to know that light produces extra heat due to which the cooler has to expend additional energy if the lights are left on. If you turn off the lights when you are not using the cooler, it will reduce the energy costs and save your equipment from hard work.

  1. Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals

Do not use harsh chemicals and cleaners while cleaning your walk in cooler. Such chemicals damage the metal surface of your equipment. Soap and water are the best solution for cleaning. Also, when you clean the cooler with a gentle solution on frequent basis, there will be no need to use harsh chemicals for cleaning.

  1. Lubricate Hinges Every Year

Your cooler’s hinges need lubrication once a year so that they can be closed properly. However, some hinges come with self-lubricating components and do not require additional lubrication. So, check what type of hinges your cooler is equipped with.

These were the few tips to keep your walk in cooler in a good condition. But, if they require more than just care you should go for commercial appliance repair or a walk in cooler repair va.

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