How To Clean Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Quartz is an amazing material for countertops and it is chosen by a lot of people because of its wide variety of colors, designs and patterns. But you might be wondering, how to clean quartz kitchen countertops without damaging them? Well, to find out some cleaning tips, keep on reading.

Daily Wiping

This tip goes without saying. You need to clean your countertops every day to ensure proper tidiness of your countertops and your kitchen in general. You will need a soap based solution and a sponge or a wet washcloth. You can easily make a soap solution yourself at home. All you need is a liquid soap or a non-abrasive detergent. You will need some warm water to help the soap dissolve quickly and better. Take some soap in a small bowl and add water. Mix it around with a spoon until light foam gathers on the top. Next, you will take your wash cloth or a sponge and use this solution to wipe down daily stains like oil splatter, vegetable stains, etc.

For Stains

For stains and mess that will not go away with a normal wiping, you will need a vinegar solution to help clean and dissolve the stains. All you need to do is get a bowl and fill it up halfway with water. Next, you will add in either apple cider vinegar or white synthetic vinegar. You will need about half the quantity of vinegar as compared to the water. Mix it up and you have yourself a homemade, non-abrasive stain cleaner. Use it with a wet washcloth and you will see the stains disappear within no time.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is something that you can do every month or two, depending on how dirty the countertops look. For deep cleaning, you can use the same soap or vinegar based cleaning solutions to gently wipe down the surface of the countertops. Next, if the protective coating is coming off, then you will need to apply the resin coat again. This will extend the lifespan of your countertop.

What Not To Use On Quartz Countertops

Now that we have talked about what to use on quartz countertops for cleaning them, let’s talk about what not to use on them. You shouldn’t use any sort of strong acid or alkaline solution on the surface of quartz countertops, because this will disintegrate the stone and eventually, it will become brittle and damaged. You also don’t want to use a metal scraper to scrape off hardened residue, or else the scratches will become permanent. You also shouldn’t use abrasive cleaners or sponges, since quartz is quite susceptible to scratches and you can end up damaging the stone with abrasive cleaners.

For Hardened Residue

Ever seen those pesky hard mass of food that gets dry and doesn’t come off? Well here is an easy and non-damaging way to remove these hard stains. All you need is a plastic scraper or a plastic spoon, both will work fine. Now you will need to scrape the mass off your countertops, within some minutes the mass will come right off. You can then use a soap based cleaning solution to clean the surface where the mass was to entirely clean the surface. Hard residues were never this easy to remove, right?

Enhance The Shine

You can use a glass cleaner to enhance the shine of quartz countertops. The reason why you should use a glass cleaner is because the top resin coat of quartz worktops can become muddy after some time, so you need to bring back the glassy shine of the surface. Glass cleaners do a great job in this regard. If the resin is getting off from some places, you can easily buy a resin top coat from the supermarket and apply it on the countertop to ensure that it looks shiny and lustrous. Resin coats also make the quartz countertops strong and water resistant.

There you have it! With these tips, your countertops will look flawless and spotless and you will not be damaging the stone itself. This will enable your countertops to last longer. However, when you need a replacement, look for recommendations from friends and family to find a reliable quartz countertops dealer Rockville.

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