How to Choose a Walk-in Cooler

Since a walk-in freezer is an important and expensive investment that you will buy for your restaurant or business, it is only wise that you will do research before ordering one. Purchasing a freezer that does not really fit your needs is an expensive mistake. With the right walk-in freezer, you will have somewhere to store the perishable foods your business needs, which means that your kitchen is kept well-stocked. You also do not have to worry about walk in cooler repairs because there are more companies now that only cater to business owners like you. In addition, it is an essential part of maintenance to have your freezer/cooler be checked regularly for any damages that might need repair.

What You Must Look For walk in coolers


Before knowing exactly what you need, the most essential step is to determine the amount of space you have for the walk-in freezer to be placed. This is only a matter of using a tape measure and getting the length, height, and width. When you have these measurements, the staff of the company you will talk to will be able to determine which one works best in that area so that no space will go to waste.

Location of the Freezer

The real structure of a walk-in freezer is loud and warm to stand next to. Take these things into consideration in making a decision where you will put this unit. If you are in the process of designing the space in your restaurant, this is the perfect time to assign an area where your unit is going to be. This is going to help in keeping your staff feeling cool and your guests will not be disturbed if the walk-in freezer is neat the front of the restaurant or house.


A factor to help you decide is to find out how much you will need for the cold storage. A lot of the sizes are available from 4 x 5 feet which are considered as “step-in” boxes to the custom-built models. One thing you must remember when checking out the dimensions of walk-in freezers is they have to take measurements of the exterior and not the interior. The width and length of the inside will be a little less compared to the exterior. The layout of the shelf is going to play an important part in finding out how much you are going to need to store food items. Remember that the aisle space should be at least 40 inches if you want to bring a cart inside. Once you have that aisle space, you can now measure the amount of space you want everything else to be. This should include width of the aisle, shelving size, then choose a walk-in with external dimensions to cater to those factors.

Staff Accessibility

The location is also an important consideration. Take into consideration the “flow” of the kitchen space and imagine the movement of the staff in the space. Take into consideration where the workers are going to come from when entering the freezer. If you the space can be kept free and comfortable, it will add to the efficiency of the kitchen and there will be more table turnover.

Commercial freezer maintenance

Another thing that will affect your decision is the kind of insulation you want for the walk-in freezer. There are 2 methods of insulation: laminate and foamed-in-place. The foamed-in-place has 2 plates that are bolted together and there is insulation that is pumped in the middle of the plates where expansion happens to create a strong shield against heat being transferred. On the other hand, the insulation of the lamination models is attached using an epoxy set. Laminate is more recommended for customized walk-ins because the size can be cut to what you need. If you are purchasing a walk-in freezer from a reputable manufacturer, the performance difference between the 2 is very little.

Buying a walk-in freezer requires a lot of thought and consideration, which is why commercial freezer repairs virginia are always ready to come when you need them to. It is not a cheap investment and it is important that you make the right decision.

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