Choosing A Shower Enclosure For Bathroom Remodel

If you’re considering bathroom remodeling, then your shower needs some attention to detail as well. Here are some things you need to remember when choosing the right shower enclosure for your bathroom.

Keep The Shower Location In Mind

The most important thing to remember when choosing the design of a shower enclosure is to figure out the space where your shower is located. Is it in the middle of the bathroom? Is it in a corner? Is it at a place where there is a curve?

These things are important to keep in mind when getting a shower enclosure, because the designs will be different, depending on the location of the shower. If you want a certain design of the enclosure, then you might want to consider changing the place of the shower fixture, which can be a tedious and time-consuming task.

Which Glass To Go For?

Another thing you need to narrow down, before committing to a certain enclosure is the type of glass you want. There are many types of glasses available. Some are transparent and have frames on them, some are available without any frames.

Some glasses are tinted and they have textures as well. Some glasses come in combination with a certain material like bricks or concrete, while other glasses are tempered, giving them extra strength. This is very important to decide because you don’t want to be confused at the time of buying the enclosure.

Will The Enclosure Fit My Bathroom?

Last but not least, you want to take your space into account as well. You want to give the proper dimensions of your space because you want an enclosure that won’t make your bathroom look crowded and limit your movement. You want to make sure that there is enough space for the enclosure to open and close without bumping into things or blocking your way.

The last thing you want is to get an enclosure that is too big for your small bathroom. It will only make things worse for you and moving around in the bathroom will be very difficult.

Types Of Shower Enclosures

Here are some types and designs of enclosures available for showers.

Framed And Non-Framed

There are framed and non-framed enclosures. Frames are a great way to add edge to your bathroom and it looks very crisp and clean and gives a minimalistic look. Framed shower enclosures are great for large bathrooms because it gives a good division of the entire space.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something seamless and less harsh, then go for a frameless shower enclosure. They are perfect for smaller bathrooms and they add a nice modern look to your bathroom they have a less dramatic appearance too.

Ditch The Glass Altogether

If you don’t want glass in your shower or your bathroom is too small for installing any type of enclosure, then you can go for a shower curtain. It’s a great option for bathrooms where the shower is combined with a bathtub. It doesn’t take up any space and it also gives you the necessary privacy when showering.

If you’re not a fan of glass, because it might look risky and dangerous to you, then you can definitely go for a shower curtain. There are many varieties and patterns available for shower curtains and you can find something which speaks to your personality.

Brick And Glass Combination

Another very popular type of enclosure for the shower is one which has a combination of glass and brick or even concrete. This gives a bit more of a rustic look to your bathroom and it’s also quite durable than a lone glass enclosure because the base is made out of bricks or concrete and the top has glass.

It is also quite easy to clean because you just need to wipe off the glass, which is nowhere near as hectic as a full glass shower enclosure, making your life easier.


There you have it! These tips are very handy to remember because you want the enclosure to be practical, modern, and perfect for any sized space. Take input from bathroom remodelers Silver Spring as well they can give practical tips for your shower enclosure.

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