Basketball Drills For Girls

There are many girls who like playing basketball. The unfortunate thing is that they don’t know how to go about it. If you are a girl and you don’t know how to start playing basketball, here are a few basketball drills that will be of great help to you:

Maze drill

This one is aimed at helping you to develop ball handling skills. You should create a maze on the basketball court by setting up different objects such as chairs, cones, or any other object that you might be having. You should run through the course while dribbling the ball and switching hands when necessary. Whenever you lose control of the ball, you should go back to the beginning of the maze.

Speed drill

Speed is of great importance in basketball; therefore, you should engage yourself in the speed drill. The best way of doing this is asking your basketball coach to gather other girls to play with. You should gather around your coach. The coach should call the name of one girl and throw a soft ball into the air. The called girl should catch the soft ball while the other girls dribble their balls while moving away from the called girl.

When the called girl catches the soft ball, she should take a few steps to the nearest teammate and throw the soft ball towards the target.

Basket race

This aims at helping you to avoid cracking when shooting the ball when you are under pressure of the real game. Since basketball is a team sport, you should ask a few girls to join you. You should place two basketballs in the middle of the courts and call out the name of two girls. The called girls should race to the middle of the court, grab a ball and dribble back to the basket and shoot. The girl who gets the basket first should win a point.

When engaging in this drill you should encourage the other girls to cheer in order for the called girls to get used to noise and pressure of a real game.


These are a few basketball drills for girls that you can engage in as a girl. To expertly execute them you should work with a qualified basketball coach.

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