8 Signs To Inspect A Sewer Line

Believe it or not; Your sewer lines and drainage pipes are an important part of your house. You only realize this fact when an emergency arises and you get to the point of no return, meaning your pipe bursts and dirty water flows everywhere in your house. This happens when care is not given to the sewer system and drain pipe inspection with camera is not scheduled.

Your sewer pipes and drainage system start to show you some tell-tale signs which are a warning for future destruction. If you ignore those obvious signs then you are looking for trouble. Deliberately overlooking the signs will cause trouble for your whole house and it is also harmful to you and your family. If you want the health and safety of your family then you should get your sewer lines inspected regularly by a professional plumber whether it needs inspection or not.

Here are the signs which you need to look for to avoid any major emergency in the near future.

Slow Moving Water Or Water Blockage

This is the first and foremost sign and generally, homeowners disregard this sign for the fact that sometimes this type of issue gets resolved by using a drain snake, a plunger, cleaning the gunk from the pipe of the sink, by pouring chemical cleaners, and home-based solution of baking soda and vinegar. But if you have tried all these trucks and still the water is moving slowly down the drain then you should immediately call in an expert to check the pipeline.

Foul Or Bad Smell

Another serious sign is foul odors coming from the sink, toilets, bathtubs, and even from the walls of your room. This smell is of gas or air bubbles that are trapped in the drain pipes and are causing blockages leading to unpleasant smells. These are a cause of concern as they lead to many health issues so should be addressed immediately.

Gurgling Noises

Gurgling sort of noises coming from your sink, toilets, or bathtubs means that there is a blockage which is not letting the water pass easily and due to the trapped air and gases. If you open a tap in one place and the gurgling sound comes from another place then there is a problem in the main sewage line and if the gurgling sound comes from the same pipe then the clog is in that pipe.

Water Backups

If you constantly notice water coming back up from your sink then immediately call a plumber. The water is dirty and can lead to many health problems and also a hassle to clean up. This also means that the blockage is increasing in size and causing problems.

Water Pooling Around Sink Or Toilets

If you notice water pooling around the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, toilets, or besides bathtubs no matter how many times you wipe it indicates leakage in pipes due to clogs which are causing water to leak out.

Molds Or Mildew On The Walls

If you notice moldy green growth on your walks in your rooms or washroom means large water leakage has caused mildew when exposed to air. Your plumber will be able to fix the clog, the leak and stop the moldy growth from further spreading, or else this could lead to extreme damage on your walls and house.

A Rise In Water Bills

Have you ever been astounded by the fact that your water bills have kept on increasing when your water consumption has remained the same and you have not changed your pipes or installed additional machinery which is using water? This indicates a leak in your sewerage pipes causing more consumption of water and hence the increase in water bills.

Water Overflow In Your Yard

If you notice extra growth of your plants in your yard when you have not changed your fertilizer. If you have seen large pools of water in your yard then you must know there is a leakage in your pipes which is causing the water to flow in your yard. This is dangerous for your house and family and a plumber should be immediately called to fix the issue.


Taking care of the sewer system and inspecting it annually or twice a year will save you from trouble and future expenses. Bursting of pipes or sewer lines can lead to extreme destruction and lead to a heavy dent in your pocket. So, contact sewer cleaning companies immediately if you notice any of the above signs.

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