6 Roof Coating Questions You Should Ask

Investing in your building/house is important to ensure that any possibility of physical deterioration as a result of lack or roof repair services is dealt with sufficiently. That being said, this is like any other long term expense, and it is best if you carry out heavy research before you go on to call up roofing contractors to shine up your place like never before.

Roof Coating Questions to ask from roof contractor

The best way to look into the matter is to ask the right questions from the right people. Roofing contractors are well aware of how competition in the market is increasing, and that they need great reviews in order to stay among the competitive bunch. Here is a list of questions you should ask your potential contractor before you go on to make a decision:

Question 1: Am I violating any law by roof coating?

There are certain standards set by governments all over the world, and sometimes these standards can vary depending on the locality or neighborhood in question. Making the assumption that it will be okay just because your contractors are willing to do the work can be quite costly, because then you may invoke a law that you could have avoided on yourself.

Question 2: How will my energy costs be impacted?

Roof repair services are equipped to give you standardized responses to questions that you may ask. If you have a representative visiting your place and you ask what your expected energy cost cut down is and you are given a meek answer like ‘20% guaranteed’ then you may want to investigate a bit more into the service. What you should look for is a holistic assessment of how your costs vary depending on how your house is structured, and any quantified amount based on that should be more of an acceptable answer.

Questions 3: Does my roof need a coating right now?

There are a number of advantages of roof coating that can attract you towards getting one at your earliest. However, some new constructions already have systems that account for standing water or potentially corroding elements. Here it becomes important for you to justify whether it is necessary to get a coating or not. You may also be pressured into making a quick decision in the event that the wear and tear on the roof has become very evident and has exceeded the acceptable limits of safety.

Question 4: What is elastomeric, BUR, bitumen etc.

Many times you will realize that your lack of information about the materials you are being told of is the reason why you may be impressed by how good they are. Do not make yourself an easy prey in that regard, and be very open in questioning your roofing contractors about the meanings of all of these terms and how they actually impact your decision of getting a roof coating. The next step will then be for you to ask which of the brands available in the market are of the finest quality and what will be the most efficiently budgeted for your case.

Question 5: What is the warranty?

Warranty is a great way to sell a product to you, especially if you as a consumer are unaware of what it exactly is that you are looking for. When asking for the warranty that will be presented with the roof coating, make sure that you have follow up questions like “how much roof maintenance will be required” and “how frequently will I need to get it checked” etc. ready in line. It is nice to get descriptive answers to these queries because then your investment feels worth the effort.

Question 6: When does it become usable?

Roof coating is like a paint coat, except it is much thicker and you will need to give it more time to properly cool off. However, this time does not usually exceed 24 hours.

An Important Last Question: Will you be take charge of any problems?

Services sometimes ensure us of their work being so excellent that we forget how we may proceed if an issue does come up. See if the representative you are in contact with is convincing in terms of how the service has your back in times of possible troubles, so that you can avail their promise properly with the help of roofing contractors.

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