5 Best Materials For Building An Outdoor Fireplace

If you have already decided to build an outdoor fireplace in your property, the next decision you will have to make is about choosing the right materials for that fireplace along with choosing a masonry contractor. First of all, using a chimney and a fire box is one of the basic parts of building an outdoor fireplace. Once these parts are put together, you will have to surround them by using the materials you choose for building your fireplace. The type and quality of materials you choose to make the fireplace will decide its final look.

In this blog, we will provide you with some of the most popular material options you can choose from when building an outdoor fireplace in your property.


Using Bricks is a classic way of making your outdoor fireplace. However, bricks keep getting in and out of fashion as time passes. So, if your house or your neighborhood has houses made out of bricks, you can use bricks in making your outdoor fireplace as well. This will help you in matching the fireplace with the overall look and feel of your house.

You can hire an experienced person to install the bricks in place. They look so beautiful that you can actually make the whole fireplace out of them.

Artificial Stone Veneers

Artificial stone veneers are equally as durable and beautiful as their natural counterparts. There are lots of sizes, shapes, and colors of artificial stone veneers for you to choose from. Usually, artificial stone veneers are also available in the right sizes, and are cheaper as compared to natural stone as well. The installation cost is also lower for these. Good quality man made stone veneers can last for many years, making your investment well worth it.

If you use this type of stone for the whole fireplace project, you’ll be able to color-coordinate it in the best way possible by buying all the stone from one manufacturer.

Natural Stone

Natural Stone is also a versatile and elegant design choice you can make while getting an outdoor fireplace built on your property. Regularly sized natural stones can allow you to give your fireplace a rugged natural view. In addition to the large pieces, you can also buy natural stone cut with saw into smaller pieces as well. These precisely cut pieces can give a unique and modern look.

The stone you use in hearth and mantle can be used to contrast with the rest of the stone color. So, natural stone can fulfill any of your designing options. You just need to hire a professional fireplace expert for the job.


This is also one of the most commonly used outdoor fireplace materials in the US. You can also use stucco for building a modern looking outdoor fireplace. There are lots of colors to choose from when you are about to use stucco to make the fireplace.

However, stucco takes a lot of skill to be applied smoothly when making your fireplace. That is why you should always hire an experienced contractor for the job.


Some of the most modern and unique looking outdoor fireplaces are made using concrete. The fact that you can mold concrete into any shape and form is a huge benefit of using it as a material to make your fireplace. You can also give the concrete any type of finish and feel you want.

Most of the fireplaces made using concrete are lit up by using natural gas rather than using wood as fuel. Moreover, when you are using gas, you do not want to make any chimney in your fireplace. This provides your concrete fireplace with its own unique look. These types of fireplaces are made long and low, which makes them use a small space on your deck or patio, and you are left with more than enough space for comfortable seating. Additionally, concrete fireplaces require less maintenance in the long run because of the ruggedness of concrete.


These were some of the best materials you can choose to make an outdoor fireplace property. This fireplace can serve as a great place to spend some extra time with your family in the summer season. So, choose a durable material which will last a long time and hire expert outdoor fireplace builders Long Island for the project.

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