What Is The Difference Between Honed And Polished Granite

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between honed and polished granite? Which one is better overall? Which granite kitchen countertop is better for your particular needs? Well, all of these questions will be answered in this article.

Honed Granite

Let’s talk about honed granite first. Honed granite is basically a type of granite finishing which has not been polished or smoothed completely. It reflects light a lot less, and it looks lighter when sunlight shines on it. It does not have a lot of facets like polished granite which reflect light highly.

Honed granite countertops look denser and the veining is very faintly seen through the honed surface. Honed granite is usually more matte and less shiny in appearance.

Less to No Veining

As far as veining is concerned, it looks very diminished under the honed surface of granite. The veining is very slight, and although granite is known for its irregular and beautiful veining, honed granite has a beautiful look to it as well… especially if the base stone is dark and the veining is light and only some of the veins can be seen peeking through, it looks extremely beautiful and magnificent as countertops. They are an amazing choice for kitchen sinks and for kitchen islands as well.


Just like any other natural stone countertop, you need to clean it regularly. Lucky for you, honed granite is very easy to clean. All you need is a gentle dishwashing liquid and a washcloth. You can regularly clean it to make your granite look less murky and maintenance free.

Needs Sealing

The downside to honed granite is that it is very porous, and water and fluids can settle in it if you leave it dry. This is the case with most natural stones. So, what you can do is get your honed granite sealed. Honed granite can be sealed, you will need sealants and impregnators. Sealants go into the pores of the granite and seal the pores for good, so that no water or fluid can settle into the granite.

You just need to apply a coat of sealant or impregnator on the surface of your honed granite and let it set for a few hours. If needs be, add a second coat. Otherwise, you can use a dry cloth to wipe away any excess sealant.

Polished Granite

Polished granite finish, as the name suggests, is a type of granite finishing, where the surface has been polished. Due to the surfaces being polished, the top surface of the polished granite is shinier than honed granite and the light can reflect better on the top too. Also, polished granite has a more prominent pattern on it.

Prominent Veining

Because of buffing and polishing the top surface, the veining in the granite, which is the most beautiful aspect of granite, becomes more visible to the eye. The main characteristics of the granite stone is the veining. The irregular, dark and light colored, but equally magnificent veining on the granite is what makes granite very much wanted by a lot of people. When the surface of the granite is polished, it elevates the appearance and style of the granite, by making the veining and design more prominent and clean looking.

Smooth and Shiny

Also, polished granite has a lustrous and smooth feel on the top as well. When you run your hand over the top of the polished granite, you can feel how smooth and dent-free it feels and looks. This adds even more beauty to the already beautiful piece of granite.

Easily Scratched

Some downsides to polished granite include the formation of scratches and etches on the surface and exposed edges. This is inevitable if you have a lot of traffic around the house. something can get bumped into the granite and can form scratches and dents. Polished granite is not your best friend if you prefer a rough and tough lifestyle. it should be carefully looked after, because polished granite can be much more delicate than traditional granite.

There you go! All that you need to know about honed and polished granite has been put forward. Now you can choose whatever granite material you want to choose for your kitchen when you visit granite installers Fairfax.

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