Inspect and Maintain Your Chimney to reject expensive repairs

Do you want to hire chimney contractor? A chimney is not something we think must about in present times. Many years ago the fireplace was a functional and central part of the home. Today, a fireplace is mostly used to improve a romantic evening or to complete the traditional holiday season feel and look.  Anyway, if you have a masonry chimney you can keep substantial cash by inspecting it on a regular basis.

Masonry chimney repair

Masonry chimneys are extremely tough items being made of brick or stone. Anyway, over time, the mortar between the stone or brick slowly breaks down resulting from exposure to the elements. This is rightly normal but you need to repair the mortar periodically stop serious damage from happening.

As the mortar breaks down, water is capable of causing progressively more problem to the chimney. Sections of the chimney will need to be rebuilt and, in high cases, the chimney may need to be torn down if neglected for long periods of time. This is very costly. You can reject this by repairing the mortar through a process known as “tuck-pointing”.

The idea is extremely straightforward although the implementation calls for dusty, solid work. Basically, the cracking or chipping mortar between the joints is removed with a chisel or hammer. An electronic grinder with a tuck-pointing blade can be used for large jobs. The chipping or grinding makes trenches around the stone or brick where new mortar can be installed.

Combine the mortar according to the producer’s instructions. Place a liberal amount of mortar on a mason’s trowel; rest the towel against the chimney directly below an area you need to fill. Next, take a pointing trowel and uses it to cut off a small piece of mortar on the mason’s towel and set into the joint.

Hire a chimney contractor

Once the joints are completely packed, remove the excess mortar. Finally, smooth and shape the joints by running a jointing tool across the new mortar. Dirt-free the bricks with a brush once the mortar are dry.

Although not technically hard, many people hire a contractor for the work as it is manual labor intensive and involves heights. If you choose to hire a contractor for your job, be sure the chimney company clarksville md is bonded and licensed. Also, be sure to ask for references from previous customers. Following these simple steps will make sure your chimney lasts for many, many years and does not end up costing you a little fortune in costly repairs.

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